Introduction: Easy Way to Make a Book Safe

Secret compartments are great for hiding things whether you are a child or an adult. People are fascinated by secret doors and hidden compartments.

With some basic woodworking tools you'll learn a new way how to make secret compartments in books very fast and easy.

I will show you two similar ways to make them, one is with a cordless drill and the other way is with a drill press which goes very fast. Both ways work fine and you can use what works best for you.

Step 1: Tools Needed

Picture of Tools Needed

Drill- cordless or drill press

Hole saw- large ones will be best

Boards- the boards should be the same size as the book used

Clamps- Wooden hand screw clamps are inexpensive and are a very handy tool to have. These clamps have a deep throat and can hold odd shapes easily.

Screwdrivers- for cleaning out paper pages from hole saw.

A cordless drill will work for the holesaw but some care must be taken. Some corded drills may have too much power and it would be harder to control. Always be careful for kick-back. Of course the drill press at a slow speed would be the best.

The steps can be used for both the cordless drill or drill press.

Step 2: Clamping the Pages

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Pages of book are clamped together, the wood and clamps give a solid surface for the drilling. To get an idea where to drill roughly draw the page and a couple of circles where you want you holes. By securely clamping the wood to the pages the saw will cut through the top board the pages until it hits the bottom board. Here is the first cut with the cordless drill and hole saw.

Step 3: Drilling With the Hole Saw

Picture of Drilling With the Hole Saw

Hole Saws or hole cutters are a saw blade that cut holes in a workpiece. Hold the piece firmly and start slow, you will get a feel of the drill cutting, then drill as many holes as you want on the page.

Keep an eye on the pilot drill since it will go through the bottom board.

Step 4: Drill Press

Picture of Drill Press

This is the same idea as the cordless drill. The drill press went very fast but the hole saw filled up with paper and had to be emptied often. After one book is drilled out a next book would be ready to go. This is an easy way to make secret compartments of different sizes and shapes.

In one hour many books could be drilled out.

Step 5: The End

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Lexm420 (author)2016-09-28

I cut the edges with a hack saw blade after drilling to make a rectangular hole big enough to hide another book

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-04

This is so much easier than using a knife to cut all the pages.

I like easy, I wonder how long it takes to do by hand?

11''x 8'' x 3''deep with utility knife=5hours

theblckwlf (author)2015-12-04

this is cool. do you glue the pages before cutting or are they still able to be flipped through?

Thanks, I don't think it is necessary to glue the pages. I have done a few books and they ahve all worked out without the glue.

Alex 2Q (author)2015-12-04

Hi Jack, thanks for this Instructable. I saw the video last week on YouTube and was thinking about writing an Ible ( with proper credits of course). You have a new subscriber.
Cheers Alex

Jack Houweling (author)Alex 2Q2015-12-04

I am glad you liked it, hope you can try it out.

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