Saber-stuff: Makeshift Lightsaber




Introduction: Saber-stuff: Makeshift Lightsaber

This is a quick tutorial on how to make a DIY lightsaber. I plan to add a torch or some LEDs to it it in the future, but for now i am content. Take note that this is a guard shoto. That means it is shorter than most lightsabers. Most Jedi who use these use them as a secondary lightsaber, but for a smaller Jedi a guard shoto is perfect.

Step 1: Equipment

I made this so that there is no glueing required, and can be taken apart easily. You will need:
2 hose adapters, 1hose nozzle, 2 double adapters, duct tape, a bubble tube thing, and about 5 centimetres of hose.

Step 2: Body

Put the bit of hose into both ends of the hose adapters. It should look like the pictures above.

Step 3: Ends

Now connect the two double adapters together and shove them on one side of the body

Step 4: Blade

Now push the bubble tube thing onto the hose nozzle and duct tape it together. Now put the nozzle on the body

Step 5: Done!

Now just connect the blade to your main hilt and your done! Feel free to experiment with torches and lights to make a better lightsaber.



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