Make-shift Snowboard


Introduction: Make-shift Snowboard

To make this quick and easy snowboard firstly you need;

An old or new skateboard
A wrench or a clamp tool
Elastic 30cm in length and about 5cm or more in width
4 small screws

Having all this in place you can start by taking the trucks off with a wrench/clamp tool (if it has bolts around the screws). After successfully removing those proceed to take out the screws, leaving the trucks unbolted and ready to fix the elastic on. In doing so you can begin to place the elastic in a snowboard standing positing (like so in the last picture). And for the last bit make sure you hold the skateboard in a tight, secure position; get a correct fitting for the drill that will hold the screws in place, then drill both screws on each side and do the same with the other. For more safety you can drill 4 more small screws in place to make it more secure. Now your ready to shred some snowy hills.



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    That's an awesome upcycle, I bet it works really well for snowboarding! Thanks for sharing with us and welcome to instructables!