(This is my first instructable so be cool)
This 'ible will teach you how to produce smoke (actually pressurized oxygen) from your mouth. This is fun to do when you're bored at a campfire with your friends or something.

You will need for this mighty trick:
A flashlight (so you can see it better)
Hands (yours)
A mouth (yours)
Lungs (yours)

Step 1: Hold Your Breath

The key to doing this effectively is to hold your breath the whole time your doing the trick. It may sound stupid, but don't breathe, since like I said, the smoke is actually pressurized oxygen. This is also the time to put the flashlight on your chin. NEVER blow out your nose while you do this, since it will ruin the smoke and make it travel all the way back to your lungs.

Step 2: Click Your Tongue

Yes, close your mouth and while still holding your breath, click your tongue 10 times. The way that you're supposed to click your tongue when doing this is to put your tongue at the tip of your mouth. So it's a bit different.

Step 3: Put Your Fist to Your Mouth

Put your fist to your mouth and puff your cheeks out. Don't puff them out too hard since you obviously don't want exploding cheeks. This should take about 3-5 seconds to do this. Still, you cannot breathe

Step 4: Open Your Mouth

Open your mouth. But do not exhale out your nose as already said since it will ruin the smoke. Just open your mouth and the smoke will come out. Also, you know what they say: practice makes perfect! It took me approximately 7 months to get the hang of it. But you'll soon get the hang of it.
This is a neat little trick! I'm going to try it! Keep up the good work on Instructables!
Have u tried it yet?
You can try it, but like i said, it takes a long time to get the hang of it.
the it was awsome
Yeah! It works!
I know. It's cool!
Ok I shall believe in ma-self
Haha cool trick. Keep up the good work! For all the naysayers watch video in the link.
Thanks! :)
@MrE Ikr it's cool
Haha Cool little trick. Way to go! For all the naysayers watch the video on the link
Scientifically unsound.
It's just a cool trick, don't take it far.
ok kool first reply can u put up a vid?
I know how to put up a video, but frankly, I'm lazy. So I'm going to just put a link in this comment: http://youtu.be/sc4tJ3MBExw

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