Do you want to present your friends with a seemingly unsolvable riddle?

What you will need is a cigarette pack and a cigarette.

You can watch the video below or read the instructable.

Step 1: Preparation

What you will need is a cigarette pack and a cigarette.

To start, take out the plastic wrap a little.

Then, with a burning cigarette, make a hole in the middle of the plastic wrap.
(Make sure that the diameter of the hole is slightly bigger that the perimeter of your cigarette.)

When your cigarette finishes, put it in!

Can you take it out now?

Step 2: Solution

The solution is simple.

Push gently the middle of the box with your finger and blow inside the plastic wrap.

The cigarette will get out by itself!
Very nice malakio&uacute;la. But I don't smoke regular cigarettes. Does it work with tzivana? <br>And it's the 1st greek tutorial I've ever seen here since I know the site. That prompts me to make one too. <br>Ps: You speak the english as very &Epsilon;fi Thody, man :P ...I like it :)
Dude so cool! I tried this, got my friends to try it (while scamming them into buying me another box of cigarettes) and had so much fun the whole time! Hey did you know this trick is up on Scam School? If you don't know what Scam School is, it's a site where all these great tricks that you use as party tricks and crap you could scam your friends into buying you lunch with. Anyways this trick is on there.
uhh....why did your cigarette *tick* when it hit the floor?
great party trick
ha ha pretty clever, but i've got no reason to have cigarettes... Otherwise really cool
well, duh, you should start smoking. if you find it hard to start, i recommend nicotine patches for a couple of weeks - start with one small one, then build your way up to a couple of big ones. by then, you'll be ready for the real thing!
thats how i started
I see Instructables has the sarcasm tags.
They're invisible to those with no sense of ha-ha, too. ;O) ~adamvan2000
camp6ell... you really shouldnt encourage smoking, its bad for you and causes lung cancer, and can kill people you smoke near
how about you use a small piece of chalk?
i agree (in all aspects)
sweet I'll never have to buy another pack I'll just bet people a pack that they can't do it! >:D
Step 1: Steal their cigarettes and hand them the pack Step 2: Run away, they're gonna be really pissed off.
or you could go up to your parents with a cigarette...
doing it.
re patriotes ... wraio ... xaromai pou sunantw kai alous ellhnes edw
You took the words right out of my mouth...
While you have that hole in the celophane, you can do another trick. If you blow smoke into that hole and then tap the cigarette pack, it'll make smoke rings.
I really like the music you used in the video, who is it?
Music from Delgarma. It's the song "La caissiere" from their album "Que vive l'industrie". Listen their album and download it free under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License at Jamendo.com.
very cool. Will have to try this one out myself.

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