Learn How to make a Simple Device, out of stuff found around the house, and you'll have straight lines each time you use this device.
I would use crushed chalk instead of chili powder but great instructable.
Well what do you expect? He's Mexican. (I mean liek not to be racist or anything)
well unless you're Mexican yourself then you are being racist. no big deal just keep watching my vids dude.
you speak spanish?
He didn't mean it in that way. Great video, not only can you mark lines, you can season food!
this is a chalk line!!!!!!!!!!
too much work for a simple thing... :(
Great instructable - for reference to make it more recognizable to the masses - I would call this a "Homemade Chalk-Line" or "Snap Line" Great idea, I'd never have thought to make my own!!! Just don't rub the sweat off your brow after using it full of peppers.. ;)

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