Introduction: Make Straight Lines

Learn How to make a Simple Device, out of stuff found around the house, and you'll have straight lines each time you use this device.


Deltaforce2555 (author)2008-08-31

I would use crushed chalk instead of chili powder but great instructable.

Well what do you expect? He's Mexican. (I mean liek not to be racist or anything)

Nextraker (author)bomberman32008-09-01

well unless you're Mexican yourself then you are being racist. no big deal just keep watching my vids dude.

Dumchicken (author)Nextraker2011-04-02

you speak spanish?

Gamernotnerd (author)Nextraker2009-08-27

He didn't mean it in that way. Great video, not only can you mark lines, you can season food!

Dumchicken (author)2011-04-02

this is a chalk line!!!!!!!!!!

matbh (author)2009-03-26

too much work for a simple thing... :(

frollard (author)2008-09-01

Great instructable - for reference to make it more recognizable to the masses - I would call this a "Homemade Chalk-Line" or "Snap Line" Great idea, I'd never have thought to make my own!!! Just don't rub the sweat off your brow after using it full of peppers.. ;)

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