Step 7: Hang your curtain rod on the wall

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Once your paint is completely dry (24 hours) you just have to screw your brackets to the wall, stick your finials in the rod and clip the rod into the brackets. It's best to screw into a stud, of course, and generally there will be a stud (or two) right beside the window. Also, be careful to line the rod up right in the middle BEFORE you clip it into the brackets because the little bump on the brackets will scratch the paint off the rod if you try to move it after it's clipped in.

That's it! Now we just need someone to create an Instructable on how to make no-sew $5 curtains... ;)

Great tutorial Steve. Well explained and well illustrated. I am thrilled as I am moving and wanted to hang curtains across 17 feet. This will allow me to do so beautifully and economically. I will post a picture of the completed project. Thanks for sharing your great idea.

mpate23 years ago
HI Steve my windows are 128" wide. If conduit only come is 10' lengths at its longest do you have any other suggestions? Thank you so much for you time! :o)
SteveGerber (author)  mpate23 years ago
I would suggest that you buy two 7 foot conduit rods and then cut them down to about 68 inches each. That would give you an extra 4 inches past the window on each side, but you way want more. Then make a butt joint in the middle using a small piece of tight fitting dowel rod. Plan to install one of the L bracket hangers in exactly the middle to support and hide the joint.
Pinky2124 years ago
I'm not going to create an Instructable for many reasons, one of which is my health. BUT, you can make inexpensive churtains by going to a thrift chop, finding what you need there. If the curtinas you find have pinch pleats and you don't want them, cut them off straight across, and using either a hot glue gun (as another person suggested) or hemming tape or other bonding material that is sold by the yard which you'd have to cut into strips, fold over at the top an amount enough to accomodate your rod + 3/4" and fasten the edge using the hemming tape or other fusible web material.

Burlap is relatively inexpensive and looks great when you fringe the bottom. BalladDesign.com, a high end home decor venue, has these for lots of money. Take a look anyway because you'll get an idea how neat they can look! Remember, though, burlap comes in a few different weights/ To get the look of a decorator curtain, use one of the heavier weights.

I've used old lace tablecloths, old rayon, old silk, and old cotton tablecloths with clip rings for curtains. They are especially cool if you're not going to be pulling them closed, using them as a side curtain with some type of blind that you can raise for light control.

If you're lucky enough to have old wool blankets, especially those with a pattern, or old quilts, these can be used with clip rings, too. An old matellase (a woven raised pattern) bedspread or other types of fabric bedspreads can be used, too. Slipcover throws are big, too, and should be considered.

Anything you can use with clip rings can be made to put directly (shir) on the rod, EXCEPT quilts or othings that would be too bulky to gather.

Check garage sales and flea markets for anything made with large pieces of fabric. Just be sure to leave the fleas and bed bugs at the market. LOL
Thanks for this great project. I live in northern Canada and only have ONE hardware store close by...and all home decor is only available from Sears! I will be using painter's drop cloths for my curtains.If you want a cheap no-sew curtain, get these and some curtain clips and VOILA! They also look great with bamboo blinds...Here is a picture of someone else's drop cloth curtains - just be aware that all drop cloths will not look "exactly" the same even if you purchase the same brand and size. The best part is they are already hemmed! (Also, the best way to wash is straight from the washing machine and HANG DRY for the least amount of wrinkles, I would pre-wash as well as they will shrink a little.)
Forgot to add these are cheaper than bedsheets and have a nice hefty feel to them as they are 100% cotton canvas.
GeekTinker5 years ago
This is an inexpensive and easy way to make curtains for this type of curtain rods:  www.wikihow.com/Make-Curtains-from-Bed-Sheets
twogirls6 years ago
We bought curtain rods, but are taking them back and making our own. Making them also prevents having to look at the two different sized rods where they connect together, it's ugly and never ends up hidden under the curtain! This is a great tutorial, when we have ours made I will try to post them here! Thanks for sharing!
celticstar6 years ago
Thank you so much for this share. I bought 2 curtain rods for $160.00 and I am taking them back. I am going to make my own and spent the money I save on good fabric for my curtains and other things I need.
SteveGerber (author)  celticstar6 years ago
Yes, take them right back! There's no need spend that kind of cash for rods. You can do it! Get creative with your finials too! Post a picture when your done it would be fun to see yours in action! :)
Thanks Steve for the encouragement. I just hate to go into hardware stores because most of the people that work there are so miserable to deal with. But if I want to make those rods I will have to deal with them. I will get creative with my finials. When I am finished I will post a picture.
Hey for the non-sewable curtains you could use your hot glue gun on heat safe fabric and a tape measure to calculate and measure before you cut. Careful to add the extra inches for seaming and folding the holes for the rod. Seam up ends with the hot glue. And glue the pieces together. Great Ideas on the rods!!! Thanks
mguer1337 years ago
or go to Ikea and get a few 99c brackets and a 5$ 3m rod...