Introduction: Make Teeth Mold for Halloween Teeth

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Here's how to make a model of your teeth to send to a custom teeth maker.

Step 1: Obtain Materials

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I got most of my materials from Pearl Paint in Canal Street... which is in NYC but u can probably get them at any art store or anywhere you can get supplies for sculptures

1. Hollywood Impressions: Dental Grade - $12.59
2. PermaStone 28 oz. - $6.05
3. Styrafoam cups - free - got from work
4. Plastic Spoon - free - Chinese restaurant
5. Hand file and knife
6. Hand drill with plastic fork or electric drill with wire whisk

Possible Alternatives:
Alginate from dental supply stores
Any other plaster or two part mixing plastic
Mouth guard or teeth tray from dental supply store

Step 2: Making the Impression Part 1

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Before mixing anything either make a teeth tray with you Styrofoam cups, use the mouth guard, or have the dental tray ready.

Take the powder alginate and an equal amount of water, enough powder to fit in the tray. Another note here, the alginate reacts faster depending on the temperature of the water. The first try I've done I did with warm water, started to solidify while i drilled and ruined the first one. I suggest using cold water to it takes more time to solidify.

When mixing powder with a liquid always add powder to liquid to prevent bubbles, especially in this situation since the alginate only takes 2-3 min. to set

Begin mixing the water with the hand drill or electric drill and gradually add the powder.

After it is thoroughly mixed, with the spoon scoop out the mixed alginate and fill the try. DO NOT DO BOTH JAWS AT ONCE, the idea may be nice but because of the aliginate's quick set time and the possibility of choking on the alginate solution do not do both jaws at the same time.

Take the tray and press it into your jaw. Depending on what kind of teeth you want, you may only have to do one jaw. I personally wanted to have a model of my own teeth so I did both. Yes I'm weird.

Do not worry if you swallow some of the alginate. It is made of seaweed and is thus non-toxic.

Step 3: Making the Impression Part 2

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After 2-3 min. the alginate should feel somewhat solid. Check with you tongue and feel or how rigid it is. If it is solid enough, carefully remove the tray.

We now have a negative of our teeth. Remove any excess alginate dangling off the tray.

Now carefully remove the alginate mold out of it's tray. I will refer to the Styrofoam cup method since I used this method. Rip apart the tray piece by piece till you have it completely removed.

Get a new Styrofoam cup and cut about half way. Insert the alginate mold inside. Since the alginate mold was made from the Styrofoam cup, it should fit nicely and get less mistakes from the plaster.

Mix the plaster. The Permastone one requires a three parts powder and 1 part cold water. The water may seem like a small amount but it is enough. Too much causes it to be too watery, too little and it doesn't solidify.

After you've mixed the plaster, pour into the cup with the alginate mold. Begin to tap the sides of the cup with alginate mold after pouring the plaster in. This will prevent bubbles from forming in the mold. Tap till you believe all of the bubbles are out. My first one gave out a few big bubbles and then stop coming up so I stopped there. The second had many tiny bubbles. After the few taps the amount of bubbles seemed to remain the same so I stopped there.

Let it sit for about 40 min. Package says 20-30min, but I like to make sure.

Step 4: Prepping the Cast

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After 40 min. take the cup and rip is apart. At the bottom should be the alginate mold, if not then it is probably covered in a thin layer of plaster. Top the bottom a few times to break the layer.

Pull out the alginate mold. The alginate used in this project is a one time use mold so it's ok if it breaks while you take it out.

Once you remove the alginate mold you've got your teeth cast.

Now to make it pretty. With the file remove any excess plaster from the mold. Be careful not to touch the teeth with the file since it is possible of damaging them. Another warning, on your cast there should be a piece which sticks out in between your two teeth, do not get rid of it. Depending on what kind of teeth, mainly full jaw sets, they will probably create a partial gum line. The little part sticking out is part of you mouth, go ahead, use your tongue and look for it, it's there.

Now if you've also done the lower jaw there is a possibility that there is a bump of plaster near the back that sticks up which could have formed from the over flow of the alginate. Get rid of this bump so that the top and bottom jaws touch and interlock with you teeth.

After this remember to label which is which with a "T" for top and "B" or bottom... they'll understand it, or they'll find out from how the teeth or positioned. Now send the casts to your teeth maker and in a couple of days you'll get your teeth.

Happy Halloween everyone :D.


musclesman (author)2016-01-20

Ok, what is the exact ratios you used for hollywood impressions. I followed their directions, and the alginate was dripping everywhere. I made it thicker with more alginate and it sticks too my teeth and won't come out.

MastaAzumarek (author)musclesman2016-01-21

I followed the instructions on the box... i believe it's equal parts alginate and water...also use cold water, takes longer to solidify

T0BY (author)2015-12-06

Great idea! Nicely done.

MastaAzumarek (author)2012-07-31

haha no problemo :D

kelsodog (author)2011-01-14

Cool! Now I can make a fake retainer

finfan7 (author)2008-10-23

That last pic in step two is hilarious. But ignoring that I have to say that this is a very good instructable. I really want to do this so I can make a set of fangs.

MastaAzumarek (author)finfan72008-10-23

hehe twas a nasty lil step... stuff tastes blah

A.C.E. (author)2008-10-21

so where do you send the molds to get the vampire teeth?

MastaAzumarek (author)A.C.E.2008-10-21

well there are a few different places, search online... here's one place, not the place I got them, but it looks legitimate

Makeup Mania

I got them in a place in NYC (New York City) called "Halloween Adventure". You can ask them to make the dental impression or ask them that u can provide your own and it'll cost less.

DancingShoes (author)2008-09-24

I have two sets of these type of teeth impressions (my dentist obviously didn't want to store them so he sent them home with me). I'm wanting to do something crafty with these for Halloween. Any suggestions? I appreciate the input!

umm... make some fake teeth... iono

canaries (author)2008-09-15

By join them I mean in the back to the top teeth are not separate from the bottom teeth, Both rows would be joined. like a real set of teeth. And Ideas?

MastaAzumarek (author)canaries2008-09-15

hmm... not exactly sure how I would do that... mayb add plaster to the back to bond them together?... not too sure...

canaries (author)2008-09-14

Im looking to make a mold of my teeth for my design class. How would you join the plaster teeth made above? m very interest in this project. Would OOMOO cast work better than plaster for a stronger hold? Also, where can I find the dental cast?

MastaAzumarek (author)canaries2008-09-15

I'm not exactly sure what you meant by "join the plaster teeth". I've seen a video for this OOMOO cast thing and I don't see it couldn't work. I have no idea if it'll be stronger, but since it is plastic I'm sure it will. The dental cast I found at a store called Pearl Paint, they had a section solely to molding and casting.

GWJax (author)2008-07-14

Well sine you have an instructible for this I guess I won't add one even though I use a diffrent approach to this. Good instructible and nice lay out. I've been making these for holloween for many years and for people that broke their dentures. If you like I can add my version on down the line to compair the difrence. GWJax

MastaAzumarek (author)GWJax2008-07-15

fine by me :D

GWJax (author)MastaAzumarek2008-07-16

Great When I get some more monamer for the teeth and gum resin power I,ll get another instructable going. Jax

Father Christmas (author)GWJax2008-08-25

this has me curious. would you mind letting me in on the process you use?

GWJax (author)Father Christmas2008-08-25

It takes a little bit of time to explain it, I'm ordering more acrylic monomer when I get it in I'll post an instructable on how to make a complete custom set of bubba teeth with stains and all. Jax

Father Christmas (author)GWJax2008-08-25

sweet and thanks for replying

Pyrowuzzup (author)2008-03-15

good instructable and go korea! one of my favorite movies came from there(oldboy)

armyofmeisbliss (author)2007-11-10

i've seen this on make: blog anyway, still a nice tutorial. thanks

yeah i saw that... i was working on a "How to make custom teeth" till they did that... so I just decided to post up at least how to make the mold...

Doctor What (author)2007-11-09

Can I chew pickles with these teeth?

umm... well... all I made was the mold of my teeth... can't actually wear them... the one who made the vampire teeth for me told me not to eat any food, reasons unknown... i guess u can chew pickles with the teeth mold... :P

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