Make the Best Lemonade Ever (for One)





Introduction: Make the Best Lemonade Ever (for One)

It's pretty simple once you get the ratios right and it tastes great.

Step 1: Get the Materials

If you don't know what you need for lemonade, you better read this:

1 Lemon
8-ounce glass
A Spoon for mixing

Step 2: Juice the Lemon

Roll the lemon back and forth on a cutting board so the juices come out easier without as much squeezing. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze out the lemon juice in a cup.

Step 3: Add the Sugar

Pour in sugar until the lemon juice and sugar are at a 1:1 ratio.

Step 4: Add Some H2O

Pour in some water and stir it up.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Enjoy the best lemonade EVER! You can add some icecubes or use stelzer water instead of normal water to have a lemonsoda!



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    Yeah, there was a small stand in london selling these for £3 each - (Around $5? sorry, im english) but it was a totall rip off, you couldnt drink any of it without swallowing half a pound of sugar, it was nice, but your teeth were so coated in it you couldnt possibly drink it any more, so, drunk around 200ml's of like a pint. Im sure they used more suagr ...anyone tried this, how suggary?

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    Yeah, at carnivals and such they juice the lemons right infront of you, put it in a glass of water and add sugar and finally shaking it up. Its good but you suck down all of the sugar that settles at the bottom.

    In my place they call it a lemon shake up. It tastes great.

    you can add a little blossom apple/orange dont know.It tastes great.

    step 4 Add some H2O

    0.o that stuff is poisonous! DiHydrogen Monoxide kills so many people!


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    Really? I thought DiHydrogen Monoxide is DHMO. Anyway, DHMO isn't dangerous, it's a hoax because most people think "Monoxide" is dangerous because they are referring to Carbon Monoxide (CMO).

    I know, right? Maybe if he added H2O instead, he might live! <_<;

    Yes, possibly. =P

    These children nowadays need to use more water, less harmful and fatal chemicals.

    I AM ADDICTED lol thks bro

    Seems simple enough.

    I just tried this and i must say that it tastes extremely good! an by the way its not too suggary at all. thanks for the instructable!

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    For an especially refreshing 'ade when you're sweating in the heat, add SALT. A couple of pinches per glass -- you can work on your preference -- mellows the flavor (by adding a third element to 'sour' and 'sweet') and adds electrolytes (does this sound like a Gatorade ad?). After spending two months in Borneo, I'm hooked on 'Limau Manta', which is made from water, lime juice, sugar and salt. My relatives there introduced me to it. It was usually served without ice but I think it would be great over crushed ice. I also add mint.

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    What you have there is a re-hydration drink for athletes, something to do with electrolights and the sugar and salt.

    Thanks for this post. I remembered that I have some ready to use fresh lemon juice in my kitchen and tried the idea with that, I know, I know, its cheating but I just had to have a go and it tastes great. Thanks really nice lemonade