Step 6: Make the Shape

As long as your board is hot, you can bend it into any shape by just using your hands (it is really hot, but you can protect your fingers or just wait some first seconds before you start).

After one or two minutes the heat is gone and the glue has hardened again. Your new shape will now rest forever. If you don't like your result you can repeat step 5 and 6 as often as you want to re-shape it.

After finishing the fist side of your board you can go back to step 5 to heat up the other side.
Where do you get the wood?
can i use clamps for this after step 4?
you can use 2 tech decks as a mold to get that perfect side concave, clamped down with 2- 1 inch C-clamps
hey very cool! i have a whole class of grade 6 kids who would really like this project. I wonder if you could do different shapes (not just decks) using your method... that would interest other kids as well. well done!
Great idea! Yes, you can modify this in many ways! Be sure to post some pics when you do some experiments.

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