Introduction: Make the Shutdown Icon on Your Desktop and Others.

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Create shutdown, restart, log-off and hibernate shortcuts for your desktop.

Step 1: Starting!!

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- Right click your desktop
-> New
-> Shortcut

Step 2: The Location.

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Enter the following based on your desired shortcut
Shutdown: shutdown -s -t 0
Restart: shutdown -r -t 0
Logoff: shutdown -l -t 0
Hibernate: rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState Hibernate

Step 3: The Title.

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Anything works here.

Step 4: Changing the Icon.

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This is a functional shortcut, you may want to give it an icon though. So right click it and choose "Properties".

Step 5: Choosing the Icon.

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- Change Icon...
- Choose your icon
- Done!


mireshs (author)2015-02-03

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reima.soma (author)2014-12-01


reima.soma (author)2014-12-01


tbarkdull (author)2007-05-03

This does NOT work in a domain environment, Common users and Power Users do not have permissions to run Shutdown.exe

dddstein (author)tbarkdull2011-11-01

They do in my domain environment.

Bookwyrm83 (author)2011-10-27

You also can't spell, which makes this nearly impossible to read.

Guddu (author)2011-05-31

what exactly happens in d background when a computer is shutting down???
i mean d processess....can i see them!!!

arun.luv (author)2007-02-12

can anyone tell me how to recover deleted data..?

faiztalab (author)arun.luv2008-02-24

yes can recover the deleted data just contact me on i m 12 hours online i will give you the small size software..which i can send you by your email as well... Faiz

faizkhan124 (author)faiztalab2010-07-03


MairseyDotes (author)arun.luv2009-02-26

Assuming you aren't talking about stuff in the recycle bin:

1. Don't write anything else to the disk until you finish recovering the data.
2. Learn the details of your file system (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, ext3, or whatever).
3. Find the first block containing data from your deleted file. copy the data using a hex editor to a new file. This file must be on a different drive (A USB stick, perhaps).
4. Repeat step 3 for each subsequent block, appending it to the end of the new file.

Or go read this HOWTO:

Good luck.

DJP4VEP (author)2009-04-21

Need anyones help...... I have made a vbScript for a fake virus but at the end of it i want the system to sutdown with a time limit. Any ideas? Thanks

GEEK1 (author)DJP4VEP2009-08-30

yes there is a shutdown icon that can do that with a time limit. I put the ones with a time limit at school with and internet explorer icon. I pranked so many people. :)

SCRIPTmaster (author)2008-07-20

you can do such a shutdown in a more professional and interactive way!
you can do it my way!

Your way is unnecessarily complex for someone who doesn't want to automate the shutdown for a different delay every time (plus which VBscript is about as secure as a chicken-wire air tank).

THE_GEEK2007 (author)2008-01-24

i see the code for hibernate, but what is the code for Stand By? TGT

jorjee (author)2008-01-23

It worked on my ME until a kid came along and deleted the icon. Now I can't remember how to put it back on the desktop.

homicidal.cereal.killer (author)2007-05-20

does anyone know how to add icons, not just the ones that you get, but other ones that you can upload and stuff?

make a mspaint bitmap file 48x48 use a picture and save as myicon.ico save to somewhere find able like c:\windows\myicon.ico

ok thanks.

no! That's way too hard. You can do it in a much better way that's way simple and has stunning results. Go here, and download iconpackager and then download the icon packs! It's so great! :)

tacticalasasin (author)2007-11-05

This works fine on vista, im very surprised.

lyco (author)2007-05-21

i've tried the three of the shortcuts.. shutdown, restart, and log off.. but log off is the only icon thats works..the shutdown and restart icon don't work. what am i gonna do for this to work?? by the way my pc is also windows xp

moomoocows (author)lyco2007-07-28

im also having this problem i did this on one of my friends comps and it worked but i tried it on mine and it didn't work the only thing i could think of is that he only had one user on his comp and i have multiple

~KAZ~ (author)2007-06-07

Works nicely, even on win 2k, lol

emenblade (author)2007-05-14

thnx hubman, i aggree after i said this around a week later i actualy started using ubuntu and now so much more makes sence.

emenblade (author)2007-04-10

not quite, hibernate stores everything on ram to your page file and sets a script for window telling it to load the page file to ram, standby instead keeps the os running and does the same, ( i think stndby on my comp doesnt work, but hibernate does.)

HubmaN (author)emenblade2007-05-14

You're wrong there, although nice guess. In hibernaton, the system session is actually dumped to a hiberfil.sys file in the root of your system drive. When you standby the computer, it shuts down all PCI ports, hard disks, peripherals, the lot, while suspending the RAM. Page Files are actually the Windoze term for Virtual Memory-Mac/*nix/Linux users know it was swapfiles, the swap partition, or simply, virtual memory. Just so that you'd know!

HubmaN (author)2007-04-20

Well, on a Mac you just have to tell finder to shutdown in applescript. Or you can use the Automator...Macs rock!

aceman 569 (author)HubmaN2007-05-09

well. on a PC, you just have to click this big red buton and it turns the computer off. That's probably a whole lot easier than the applescript nonsense

HubmaN (author)aceman 5692007-05-14

Hell, on a Mac, we can just pull the plug out. No scandisk crap. If you shut the screen on a laptop, everything is saved as hibernation. On a desktop, everything is still saved, although you still have to open the programs themselves. And besides, you have to open the Start Menu first, and then click Shutdown, and go through a stupid list of options. No contest. Just pointing that out-no worries, cheers, hehe!

aceman 569 (author)2007-05-09

by the way, there is a similar instructable (search for "virus") that tells you how to add text to the function. after the 0 (which i prefer to be 60, as it sets the time it takes do to the "task") put a space and the "-c "your text here" and then complete the rest the same way. Hope I helped :)

Ganador (author)2007-05-03

Well not quite. Hibernate take the data from your RAM and stores it to your HDD then turns power off whereas Standby just keeps power on at low voltage so your RAM doesn't get wiped. Cause computer RAM is electronically stored.

Ganador (author)Ganador2007-05-03

OK just saw emenblade post after i posted, Very tired. Emenblade to get the Hibernate option, When you click on Turn Off Computer button the shutdow box will show up where it has Standby, Turn off, Restart. Hold down shift the Standyby button will become a Hibernate button thats if Hibernate is enabled in your power options in Control Panel.

jrtaylor (author)2007-04-14

This is a cool idea! I too would like to be able to create a shortcut in vista that immediately switches users, or at minimum opens up the user accounts screen showing all users. The Windows-L still requires several clicks etc to switch users. Is this possible? Many thanks!!

thamiam (author)2007-04-13

Anybody know how to create an icon for "Undock Computer" on a laptop?

rjl24 (author)2007-04-08

Thank you for your innovation. Works fine with XP Home, SP2 Robert

Mr. Smart Kid (author)2007-02-24


burgarl11 (author)Mr. Smart Kid2007-03-09

Yeah i did it with my computer and it worked great.

Ribblet (author)2006-12-05

How about standby?

burgarl11 (author)Ribblet2007-03-09

Hibernate is standby

JRemetta (author)2007-02-04

Can anyone help me?.... I created a shortcut for Shutdown that worked perfectly, but when I try to make another for Logoff, using the same code, but replacing s with l, it doesn't work. When I press the shortcut, it goes to the system prompt screen quickly, but it's so fast that I can't make out what it's doing. Then it closes, but doesn't log off or shut down or anything. Any suggestions? Joy

youssefgaber (author)JRemetta2007-02-05

Ok, Firstly dont try to change it in properties just make another shortcut. Secondly, Try this one for logout "shutdown -l -f"

JRemetta (author)youssefgaber2007-02-05

Brilliant. Thank you so much...that was driving me nuts!

tbeane (author)2007-01-05

woohoo, got it!

On Windows XP SP2, "shutdown -r -t 0" did NOT work while connected via remote desktop/RDS, however "shutdown -r -f" did. So did the Windows Vista version, e.g., "shutdown /r /f".

The important setting is "/f", so that applications like RDS will shut down without warning.

You can also specify the "-t 0" or "/t 0", rather than waiting for the default timer setting of 30 seconds to kick in.

youssefgaber (author)2006-12-27

People sorry i nearlly forgot if u want to change the icon for hibernate just copy this location and paste it in location space: %SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll

pryo maniack (author)2006-12-19

will not work on windo ep i tried like 300 times i was bored

camscam (author)2006-12-16

sweet I just made a Hibernate quicklink!.

NeonCobra (author)2006-12-02

It would be very funny if you assign other icon and name . For example instead of IE icon.

microsofth8r (author)2006-12-01

THIS WILL work on windows 2000 and XP, it is not shut down but it is very very important for work computers (it lockes your computer) CREATE a shortcut (just like above) using rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation Change your icon, and move it to your quick start menu (a locked work station is now only a single click away).

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