How to make a totally awesome Rubik's Cube cake!

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Ohhh, yes. The ever infuriating Rubik's Cube. No doubt we have all spent a good deal of time on our favorite 80s toy. Some of us are naturally gifted...most of us are not. Alas.

Regardless, I think we all hold a place near and dear to our hearts for the cube. It is a timeless symbol of geekiness! Let us not forget it!

In this instructable, I will teach you how to pay tribute to this awesome cube. It's simple to do and anyone can achieve the awesomeness that is the final project. Wow your friends and read on!

Step 1: Bake the cake

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First, you need to chose a type of cake to bake. It really doesn't have to be any particular kind for this cake. Use your favorite recipe or box mix and double it.

You will need:

-Recipe or cake mix of your choosing X2
-9x9 square inch cake pans. (You can either have three or you can bake the cake in shifts)
-Nonstick spray
-Your choice of frosting
-Your choice of filling
-LOTS of food coloring in red, green, yellow, and blue. -This will be for the squares
-Either black food coloring or dark chocolate ganache.- Depends on your taste. This will cover the cube. Black food coloring tends to dye mouths purple and a ganache can be shinier. However, you might achieve more of a black by using food coloring. More on this later.
-Fondant- I highly recommend making your own marshmallow fondant. It's simply, delicious, and looks very professional

So, get started baking your cake. You will want to prepare double your recipe for this cake. I like to use box mixes because they are no fuss and turn out delicious. I do, however, think it makes a world of a difference to prepare your own frosting. Poor your batter into designated square pans. If you have to rotate one pan to bake all three, it won't hurt, but it will take longer. ;) Bake until the cakes lightly bounce back when you touch them or just before.

FYI- Cakes actually continue baking in their pans even when you pull them out of the oven. To get a really moist cake, pull the cake out just before it looks done and it should cook to perfection. In my opinion, nothing beats a moist cake. Another thing I suggest to maintain moistness is to put some cling wrap over the cake when it cools a bit. It will collect the condensation and keep your cake very moist! I usually only do this for cakes that have a tendency to dry out more such as chocolate, but do what you like!
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Zikkurat1 year ago
Thanks for the Instructable. I made this cake over the weekend for a rubik's cube party, and everyone loved it.
If you want to make the layers rotate (on a budget), stick 2 pieces of foam board with a rings cut from plastic between them, between each layer. Then insert a paper towel tube through the whole thing. The second and third layers will each sit on a piece of foam board, and be able to rotate independently around the paper towel tube, using the plastic rings like washers.
Photo 11-23-2013, 19 53 05.jpgPhoto 11-23-2013, 19 52 31.jpg
clim82 years ago
Looks delicious! You can solve this cake at http://www.rubikscubealgorithms.org/ : )

Sharing this on my facebook page!
Ashara2 years ago
Hi, thank you for sharing the idea. I'd like to share my attempt at making a Rubik's Cube cake.
Calico Jack3 years ago
I don't know if it was with permission or not, but this 'ible has been copied word for word here:
HMice3 years ago
Half the pictures were the same as here:

There were IDENTICAL pictures!
Good Eye! It is a little suspicious when two members manage to make the same instructable and both are using IDENTICAL pictures....
Don't worry, Pimp that snack explained to me the situation. Look at the ible comments.
gt111823 years ago
Wow I have my birthday in a week and I hope I have time to make this awesome cake! I think your instructable is very nice and detailed. Thank you!
eleahy4 years ago
Made this cake for an 80's theme party I threw!

Everyone loved it!!!!

Check out the cake and the details of my party here:

dangold4 years ago
This was a lot of fun! The directions were quite helpful. My 13 y.o. daughter and I just made this Sunday for my son's 17th birthday.
That is awesome!
Hi! I was just wondering how difficult it was to make this cake?
reuston4 years ago
What cakes do people recommend to use?

I just used my pound cake recipe but it does not rise enough so I need to start again.

Also where it says double the mix is that for each cake or just double and make 3 cakes out of it?

KovuKora4 years ago
You fricking win to the epic degree!
mzpo4 years ago
Cub.. I want it!
catiehade4 years ago
Do you think that you could maybe make it of rice crispy treats maybe...? And then cover it with fondant....?
It's pretty awsome... Too bad it's a lie....
mereleusman4 years ago
If I make it from a chocolate cake, so that I don't need to use the ganache, what type of icing should I usefor the step:" The next step is to cover your cake in a "crumb coat" with your frosting. Don't feel bad when this looks ugly. That's why it's a crumb coat. Just make sure to evenly coat your cube and let dry before you move on to the next coat of frosting. "?
ChristyDurr4 years ago
It's not perfect but I learned ALOT and it was delicious
rubix cake.jpg
ChristyDurr4 years ago
I am in the midst of making this cake... I used an 8x8 pan (it's all I could find) but the problem I have is that the layers seem sooo thin, I am icing them and putting the guanche on before I stack them. will this help make it thicker or what should I do to make it have thicker layers.
Nata30805 years ago
Alana's 30th 001.JPG
pretty dang good
Wow, yours is awesome :)
hintss Pepealej5 years ago
unfortunately, its also impossible on a cube
ms.moth5 years ago
Amazing cake!!!
One little pet peve I have is when someone makes a replica Cube they make it so the colors on their replica are positioned in a way impossible to have on the real thing. I just want to say thanks for this awesome Ible and thanks again for making it realistic!
justdebb6 years ago
Completed! My first cake ever with several failures...
Fondant: 1st batch had too much oil.. 2nd time was practically perfect. Coloring & kneading the fondant to the right color was VERY time consuming & hard for me. I also rushed on the tiles because I was running out of time..
Cake & Icing: I used an 8x8 cake pan and cut it into 4s, therefore the center was very moist and practically impossible to put icing on. That is why I end up with such an irregular shaped cake. The instructions on the black dye said to mix it with chocolate frosting, and I ended up with a matte black colored frosting.
Thank you very much for posting this, it is really a great idea because my boyfriend loves the rubik's cube and he liked the cake, so mission accomplished. :D
The chalange is can you make it 5x5?
RetroTechno5 years ago
Excellent idea! Looking at some of the other cakes in the comments, there seems to be a tendency to have sagging at the corners. Perhaps a thin piece of cardboard under each upper layer would give some stability?
Wow. I hate baking, but this is a challenge I just HAVE to try! And now you've got me thinking... A friend of mine makes origami balls. I may be able to make one -- using your fondant techniques --as a cake for his birthday!
Nata30805 years ago
Thanks for the instructions. They helped a lot!
 Thanks a ton cant wait to make this its going to be GREAT!
daftjaxx805 years ago
Thanks for the lesson.  My friends loved the cake so much that it was the talk of the party!!
asyrith (author)  daftjaxx805 years ago
It looks fantastic! Wonderful job!
r3ddr4gon5 years ago
that looks soooo good
supergrrrl5 years ago
I attempted this cake for a friend's birthday... I used the store bought fondant, I was too nervous to try and make my own (being my first fondant cake). My biggest issue was the support system (or lack thereof). Anytime you make a layered cake it needs to have a central support system. Mine didn't, and barely survived the subway ride.
asyrith (author)  supergrrrl5 years ago
It looks awesome! Great job!
94Nicole5 years ago
i so plan on making this cake for my sweet 16 it is definitely the perfect cake since my theme is the 80s thanks for the amazing directions you make it fun.
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