How to make a totally awesome Rubik's Cube cake!


Step 6: Tiles, ASSEMBLE!

Picture of Tiles, ASSEMBLE!
Time to apply your tiles! If you have a cube handy, get it out and scramble it to your liking and then apply your tiles accordingly. Paint the backs of each of your tiles with a small amount of water and apply to the cake. Patience, young Skywalker. This will take some time.
Ooooh, yummy. =D
I gotta make this cake and videotape it _
missmis6 years ago
im sorry i dont know if i missed it but what are the tiles made out of? thank you!! this is the most amazing cake idea ever! my bf loves rubik's cube and im deff gunna make him this cake! Melissa
the marshmellow in step 2 i beleive :)
asyrith (author)  fixxon19726 years ago
Yes! Actually, a marshmallow fondant. Fondant is the stuff the have on cakes that makes them look smooth and beautiful, nut always tastes awful...except for, that is, the marshmallow fondant! It's yummy. Recipe is in the I'ble. :)