How to make a totally awesome Rubik's Cube cake!


Step 7: Clean it up!

Picture of Clean it up!
Now, brush over your tiles with some water to give the cube a nice, clean look.

And you're done!

Put your real cube next to your cake one and admire your great job!

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**I'd like to thank the guys over at Pimp that Snack for letting me use the pictures and inspiring me to develop my own process.**
94Nicole5 years ago
i so plan on making this cake for my sweet 16 it is definitely the perfect cake since my theme is the 80s thanks for the amazing directions you make it fun.
dkross6 years ago
Making it for sister's surprise 30th b-day party. 80's theme.
gotasya6 years ago
great job!! :) very amusing directions, too :)
lilbelle6 years ago
I plan to make this for my son's 16th birthday March 23rd he has every rubiks size and can solve them all even the flat chain rubik and I cannot wait to see his face when he sees the cake! Thank you so much for the directions.
shugyk6 years ago
I have been practicing this cake for a contest we are having at our church. i have found that it's very difficult to keep it from sagging or fall apart . i had to get cardboard (for cakes) and place under each layer. i also got dowel rods (2 inches) and placed them in to support the weight of the cardboard. It seems to work much better than just layering the cakes. I don't know how the one in this pic is staying together. it looks awesome though!
Oh wow this cake is extremely hard to make
JonH2O7 years ago
Any suggestions on how to cut and serve it?