Make this Infant Canopy Bed Photographers Prop or Pet Bed

Picture of Make this Infant Canopy Bed Photographers Prop or Pet Bed

In this instructable, I will show you an easy to make canopy pet bed or infant photographers prop. My Sister-in-Law requested a canopy bed for infants. An image search turned up several designs. Most of which were made with pre-spun staircase balusters. The spindles right off the home store shelf, are made from poplar. Poplar isn't the prettiest wood, but it is a hardwood that mills nicely and accepts stain.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

As always, Safety First! - Wear your safety gear!!!

I used a Miter saw, Table saw, Pocket hole jig, Belt sander, Orbital sander and my lathe for the post finials.

The materials-

4' of 3/4" thick X 2.5" wide poplar hardwood. This is for the side boards and foot board of the bed. I also used a 5.5" wide poplar board for the headboard. And small carving I had laying around. Cherry stain, satin spray on polyurethane and finishing wax.

Most of the cost was the spindles themselves at over 5 bucks each.

Step 2: Cut your boards to finished length

Picture of Cut your boards to finished length
009 (2).JPG
003 (2).JPG
008 (2).JPG

I cut the side-boards at 19" long each. I then cut a 14" length from the same stock for the foot-board. The headboard is the wider of the boards but the same length as the foot-board. By the time your finished cutting the boards, you should have 2- 2.5X3/4"X19", 1- 2.5"X3/4"X14", 1- 5.5"X3/4"X14".

Also, cut the little dowels protruding from the bottoms of the spindles, these aren't needed.

Step 3: Shape the headboard

Picture of Shape the headboard
015 (2).JPG
016 (2).JPG
017 (2).JPG
019 (2).JPG

This headboard isn't that fancy, I was going for simplistic more than anything here. Use your own judgement on the design of this.

I measured up from the bottom of the headboard 2.5" (that's the same width as the side and foot-boards). I then measured 2" in from each side and 2" down from the top. I then used a 2" forstner bit and my drill press to cut a circle out of each corner. next, I used my band-saw to remove the sharp corners and glued a piece of wood to the top to act as molding. Lastly, sand the headboard.

tofugami11 months ago
Great as a prop or for pets. I like that you took a lot of pictures and did a nice job explaining the process. Really lovely results. You might want to fix a word in your title though.
SlickSqueegie (author)  tofugami11 months ago

Bah! Thanks! I fixed it!

Thats super cute and beautiful bro :)

SlickSqueegie (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya11 months ago

Thanks Tarun.