Introduction: Make Urban Comedy Scene

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Hi all!
In this instructable we describe our artwork: make urban comedy scene.
A theater, the curtain that opens, the light that comes on slowly and the comedy scene we realized that is seen for the first time by a long "oooh".
It 'been hard, but taking care of every detail, we were satisfied for it.
The materials we used were different: wood, cardboard, paper ...

I hope that our work like you too.

Step 1: Make the Streetlight

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Make the structure in cardboard, and cover it with cooking paper and
mixture of water and vinyl glue.
Wait a day or two until it is all dry.
So paint all black, and after, with a sponge, paint all metallic color (eg. bronze).

Step 2: Make the Backdrop

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Join together two white double cloth
With a pencil trace the approximative design of an urban scene.
Then paint all.

Step 3: Make the Left Building

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The base structure of left and right build is meade with wood panels, joined with hinges.
The bricks ara mede with polystyrene panel.

Step 4: Make the Right Build

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Same way as in step 3. We can make the other build. I'm sorry for haven't images of this step.

Step 5: Admire the Final Work

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Look images...
I hope you like all work!

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