Favorite Character Valve Stem Caps

Picture of Favorite Character Valve Stem Caps


Pez dispenser(s)
Plastic valve stem cap(s) or reuse your old ones
Silicone caulk


Caulking gun
Soda can(s)
Masking/painters tape

Paper plate (optional) As with all projects, read all of the instructions first, before proceeding to make your own.

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Step 1: Prepare the Head

Picture of Prepare the Head

Take the head off the Pez dispenser. To do this, just pry it back until snaps off.

Tape the head down to your work surface. We used a paper plate (and also a tray) so we could move the project to let it dry. Be sure to tape off the back of the head, to form a wall.

Tip: You could set the head in a lump of modeling clay, but be sure to still tape off the back of the head.

Step 2: Create a Fixture

Picture of Create a Fixture

The plastic cap will need to be held in place while the caulk sets.

You can make a simple rig by poking a pencil all the way through a soda can, near the top. Add water to the can, to make it heavier and stable.

This will give you something to suspend the cap from.

Step 3: Glue the Cap in Place

Picture of Glue the Cap in Place

Fill the head with silicone caulk.

Push the plastic cap onto the end of a pencil, and push the cap into the latex caulk, just so that it is completely covered. Try not to let the caulk overflow, and cover the pencil.

Tape the pencil to the rig, to hold it in place, and allow the caulk to set/dry.

Step 4: Put it on Your Bike!

Picture of Put it on Your Bike!

After the caulk sets (could be a couple days), just pop the head/cap off the pencil, an replace your old stem cap with your favorite character!

Tater Zoid10 months ago

I've built quite a few valve cap covers in my day but never figured out how to do Pez heads. Your mounting device is awesome and now I can continue my work. Thank you for sharing.

anubiscrypt2 years ago
I like this idea.
mdlmusic3 years ago
Great idea! Seems to me you could pretty much do the same with anything. I'm thinking of making valve stem caps from dice using the same method.
cool as!