Picture of Make wearable LED eyelashes

This project is SUPER EASY. I had never soldered or worked with LEDs prior to making this.

For this year's costume, I really wanted to make LED eyelashes since I just discovered tiny surface-mounted LEDs (SMD LEDs) - normally they are used on circuit boards

After doing some research, I found Soomi Park's version. While Soomi's design is pretty amazing, I wanted mine to be worn on the top lashes and have an almost continuous line of LEDs. To do this, I used 0805 SMD LEDs (2.00 x 1.25 x 1.1 mm) instead of the regular sized 3 mm. Not only can they be spaced closer together, they are also very lightweight.

Here's a materials list:

Stranded wire (typical wire used in electronics) ***UPDATE*** Look for 0.2 mm enameled wire instead
28 or more 0805 SMD LEDs of any color
Water-soluble glue (Elmer's glue/PVA glue)
MDF or wood for the template
Coin battery
Battery holder
Shrink tubes
Surface mounted switch (optional)
Resistors (optional)


Soldering iron
Wire stripper/cutter
Soldering stand with alligator clips (optional)
Laser cutter (optional)
Tweezers (optional)

Thanks to my very knowledgeable and able co-worker Davey Taylor who was willing to teach me everything I needed to know about working with LEDs.

To see how I made the paper fangs, check out the Grotesque Paper Fangs Instructable.


Awesome project, love the smaller LEDs!

JuliaF110 months ago

Hi, can you send a link to what type of stranded wire you recommend? Thanks!

pojken (author)  JuliaF110 months ago
Use 0.2 mm enameled wire. It's thin and insulated, so you can use a power drill to twist two strands together.

It's not hard to find - it's used to make electromagnets and in motors. Similarly, you can dissect a motor to find one, though I've never done that.
After the party just fit these strips to a spectacle frame and you have an instant hands free torch to work in tight corners. Did the leds not blind you?
pojken (author)  KROKKENOSTER1 year ago
They do blind you when it is super dark, but in normal light, it's not bad at all. It could also have been the way I put them on.

I'm definitely thinking of what I can do with these SMD LEDs - I ordered a huge batch from China and am excited to experiment. :) Wanted to make light-up glasses among other things.
SenKat1 year ago
Very nicely done, congrats! How toasty did they get with continual use ?
pojken (author)  SenKat1 year ago
To be honest, not at all. When I first experimented with one, it got a bit warm, but never uncomfortably so. When I actually wore them on Halloween, I never noticed the warmth at all. Perhaps it was because it was cold outside, but I never even felt it warm. It's very low heat if anything.
SenKat pojken1 year ago
Really nice work (again!!) Pretty sweet there was no heat issue.
SenKat1 year ago
Very nicely done, congrats! How toasty did they get with continual use ?
du skulle nog kunna cosplaya Ryuuk från deathnote rätt så bra, just sayin :D
pojken (author)  Trafalgar Law1 year ago
Hahahaha! Totally! I didn't even think about it until now. Too funny.

GarageGuru1 year ago
Looks awesome!
Kiteman1 year ago
Oh, the look is worth the bruises!
pojken (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
I can't say that I was very sober while walking... so that might have attributed to me running into things. I navigated the party and later the nightclub alright. :P