After seeing the new movie Iron Man did you want a cool arc reactor of your very own? Well I can show you how to make one!( sorry but it wont create energy to keep shrapnel from your heart)
Great for an awesome effect on Halloween or any day you want to be cool!
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Step 1: So You Wanna Be Cooler Than Tony Stark?...

Well heres a few notes before we get started.
1. this project requires soldering
2.this project is only my representation of this and i encourage you to make yours special. Feel free to comment to help improve it!
3. This project, like many things in my life, was made on a whim. I am positive there are better ways to do some of these steps so please feel free to improve on them and share.
4 Have fun with it, i intend to wear mine with a tee shirt to school as well as add it to my Iron man suit (a real one made of steel and aluminum which includes a frame, armor, weapons etc. No, I'm serious, Instructable coming soon.)

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i am also making an iron man suit of armor. I am only 13. I don't have rockets but i do have the laser tech and I also can make it hover like 10 feet in the air (I SWEAR TO U) I also have the machine gun on it. The machine gun was broken down so it could become part of the suit. It is still in production. I can tell you some componenets to make it fly so u can fly around too. I also put a computer chip in the back of it so I could control it from my laptop when i'm not in it.
You know how much thrust that would actually take to get you even off the ground? Unless you had something equivalent to a mini jet booster, its not going to happen.
And plus, there is no way to beak down a machine gun to fit inside the suit. It just won't work to fit in with all of the other components you'd need to power the suit. Also, adding a computer chip in the back to control it when you're not in it? Three problems with that: 1. You couldn't use a laptop. It'd need the most powerful processing system built. 2: You can't control a whole suit from just a computer chip. You'd need a whole motherboard. And 3: I forgot to mention that there wouldn't be enough room for the gun anyways because of the size of the stabilizers that would be there.
I didn't break a machine gun down I just simply mounted it in the back. and secondly the suit wasn't that advanced and the only thing I have the computer chip is to release the locks onto the suit keeping it together and I downloaded the data on a disk to take it wherever I want it to go. and the reason I can't fly where ever I want to I can only fly 10 feet exactly because of the jet fuel I load into my suit(I load into the back in to big cases) so apparently my suit is the size of a bulk buster
And I power it by making an arc reactor that can plug into the wall it uses power then gives power
Then why did you say: "The machine gun was broken down so it could become part of the suit" and also "also put a computer chip in the back of it so I could control it from my laptop when i'm not in it"? By the way, jet fuel is not legally sold to minor like that because of its high flammability. And if your suit is the size of a bulk buster combined with the weight of the suit and combined with the typical 13 year old weight, its going to take almost a full jet booster to get off the ground. And to load the "Data" on a disk, you would need a disk with TERABYTES of data, which aren't currently produced. And to give it enough power to actually turn it ON from a power outlet? That would take weeks to charge. AND its illegal for minors to own a machine gun.
Illegal? Who's stoppin him? And by the way its all possible the kid just has a little more spirit and pride in his work than you do. it would be easy to mount the weapons easy to make the boosters easy to do it all, try making a halo spartan suit with all the halo reach attachments, that's what I did 3q:
The reason I said it was broken down because I took down the part that you hold and moved it to another area on the gun to have it sit on my shoulder and btw all your doing is trying to show someone up but right now your failing
Actually, your concepts are the ones that are failing. <br/>1. You can't actually lift yourself up with this kind of technology, it just won't work.<br/>2. Also, with this technology, you wouldn't be able to &quot;hover&quot; with no stabilizers. No stabilizers=no stability. No stability=uncontrollable flying. And you should know what that leads to.<br/>3. You can't just take the handle of a gun and move it to another place. There's more machinery in the handle. You move that, you have to move EVERYTHING.<br/>4. The ark reactor technology doesn't exist yet. If it was, it would be on the news everywhere.<br/>
I am not going to fued with you All ANYONE NEEDS TO KNOW is I made it I going to have pictures of it up monday and maybe a vid and yes I had help. And plus how are you going to go and bag on me because I'm 13. And the thrust was lifted up by the gas in my mom's truck and also my cousin has one of those huge trucks that hold allot of gas for me to hover 10 feet and if it went uncontrolable the tube would pop off and immediatly stop the flying instntly. So please stop trying to start a fued and please stop finding FLAWS THAT I HAVE TO FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude. I'M 13 TOO!!!!! ANY SENSIBLE PERSON IS GOING TO KNOW THAT THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! This isn't possible. Like I said before: Its not going to hover or even get off the ground unless you use some sort of jet fuel. NOT DIESEL FUEL! It isn't going to hover. As soon as you start to get into the air, it would go out of control. That's not hovering. That's falling with no control. If this design even remotely hovered, it would be all over the news like the hovercar shown a few years ago. And believe me, if you post a photoshopped picture, I'd know. I'm good with that kind of stuff. If its a genuine picture or video, I'll gladly accept it. It's most likely not going to happen.
We'll right now I hope we can settle this fued and DID YOU JUST SAY I WASN'T SENSIBLE. Any way I hope we can settle this I have a lot of things to do and right now my fmily is most important.
Wow, this is pretty pointless, if your telling the truth, you should give us evidence!
p.s., I'm 15
The physics are impossible for a 13 year old to understand. Let alone manufacture.
Your welcome and thank you!
So where are our pictures? I'm sure we'd all like to see them.
by the way im 14
maybe i could give you different plans that could maybe help you with a cheaper more efficient thrust
Its been a week since the day you said you'd post pictures. So, where are they?
Your retarted. There is NO way you could hover. You would need an incredible amount of thrust. Beisdes, where in the hell can you get jet fuel when your 13?
you don't use jet fuel you use ion thrusters that can produce 8800 pounds of thrust by using the atom xenon and electrostaticly accelerating it through a grid
Are those even real?
yes they charg atoms and thy use thm to creat a force to help thm move
But the kid said thathe used jet fuel
even if he had a jet engine it still wouldnt lift before it explodes
And the amount of fuel required for that would be too heavy for the suit to lift off. Not to mention that you would need a fifty pound car battery to power it.
doesnt use to much voltage either
buy kerosene
The laser tech he uses is illegal, not to mention that it isn't small enough to fit.
could you teach me how to make an iron man arc reactor?<br /> <br />
i could and im jack im 14
pictures or it didnt hapen
If you plan on doing this, try using metallic spray paint. Easier and cleaner looking.
you cant be cooler than tony stark its just not possible
but what does it do?
its basically a magnet and a pace maker
the arc-reactor keeps iron man's heart working
it's cool!!! but why don't you make the light bigger <br /> <br />
only problem is I don't have a mobile power source that will keep it activated( arc reactor). All I hve is using a wall outlet to charge it for like 1 hour.
looks nothing like the one in the movie
I am stuck on this step. What do you do for the switch? it doesn't work any way that I have tried.
i' m curious what could go wrong with a switch but if you can be more specific on your setup i can tell you what to do keep in mind on positive lead battery wire center other, either side good like pm me if you need more help mspark400
I just realized that my battery pack had a switch built into it...I feel kind of stupid now.
don't worry about it i have done that lol enjoy hope it works now! best wishes, mspark400
My Arc reactor caught me on fire because I tried to super charge the thing
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! so funny... did it hurt? cause it hurts laughing so hard about it!!!!! you should join my group. it's for people who do things like that...
what does this do??? I have not seen ironman yet so i don't know what this does!
well this one makes you look cool but in the movie it powers Tony Stark's electromagnet to keep shrapnel in his veins from getting to his heart and makes him look cool too ps i saw hulk on tuesday and Tony Stark makes an appearance ! whoo hoo! sorry i hope that did not ruin it for anyone :) enjoy, mspark400

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