Make Your Head Fall Off!





Introduction: Make Your Head Fall Off!

In this instructable I will teach you how to "make your head fall off" haha this is so realistic looking it will make all your friends and family and even non friends and family freak out!!

Step 1: Gather Very Few Materials

first off you need a button up jacket or zip up sweater preferably, next you need two straight like oblects with maybe a slight hook to it similar to an umbrella or cane

Step 2: Get Your Head!!

last but not least, get your two objects and cross them with each other and place on your shoulders under jacket. next you will want to make a sneezing action and when you do that, move your head down and push up on the objects under jacket so it looks as if your shoulders dont move much. if done correctly it should look pretty damn sweet. haha enjoy!



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    Nice. I saw a guy do this trick on wizard wars.