<p>i dont have shocks</p>
also see that peice of rubber that's supposed to act as a stopper/bumpstop on the shock shaft? remove it and you'll gain a bit more compression...I've done it to all my shocks and my crawlers crawl better and my other trucks handle better....
Yah how ever when you are racing your truck that will cause you to brake a shock coming off a big jump when/if it bottoms out.
the trucks are made to take off big jumps to begin with...the tires will absorb some of the impact, and if your'e racing on a track the landing ramp makes for a much softer landing,and your shocks shouldn't bottom out off a landing ramp anyways...if they are they're too soft ...if your'e bashing your truck...who cares..go with some thicker shock oil and/or stiffer springs if you're bashing
Great ible check out my rc ibles too :)
Im guessing this is why drifting/touring/street cars have smaller less travel shocks?
1 piece of tube and you don't have to buy new shocks? That's a neat & simple reversible mod. L
it took me ages to find this mod on the net so i decided to place it on this site where more people can get a hold of it
good idea thanks this helped

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