Make a Musical Bike





Introduction: Make a Musical Bike

I will show you how to make a bike sound like a musical box. you can use it as a replacement to a bell or just show off to your friends!It is really easy to make. You do not need any batteries, solar panels, electric generators...just pedal power!  
when you ride the bike, the spokes will make a ding dong da noise. If you ride really fast then it will start to sound like a exhaust!
This is a slight copy of the turbospoke,
but it makes musical noises instead!



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    Pls vote for me in the bike contest:)

    So.... What does it sound like when you ride the bike? How does it sound like music? Sorry, I'm confused.

    hi, im really sorry to make you confused. As you ride the bike, the spokes will make ding dong noise. If you ride it really fast it will start to sound like a exhaust!

    lol.. No problem. I just remember that my brother (and his friends), use to put hockey cards onto their bike wheels (much like you did with the floss stick), but I never remembered it sounding musical; that's why I had to ask.

    Good job on the video though. It explains how to make it very well. :-)

    (this is my first instructable)