video Make your bike sound like a motorcycle
Man up your possibly new way to save gas money or just try to be more noticed by cars or pedestrians, whatever it is you can did this to any bike with spokes and with stuff you see about everyday.
adam5678903 years ago
I actually got an electric motor from currietech.com (Currie Technologies) , and I figured that if I did this, while going up a hill and not pedaling, people would definitely notice.
reptilezs7 years ago
just use a zip tie instead of a card
beyondimagination (author)  reptilezs7 years ago
Actually i tried that, but i didn't like the sound of it, i don't think it was loud enough.
ac1D7 years ago
younger we used to run over empty soda can, they get stuck in the tire and it do a awesome sound. could nad broke our tire, tough, lol.
i did that too. it was much less work, and you got to enjoy a canned beverage of your choice.
beyondimagination (author)  ac1D7 years ago
Yeah i heard of that too. But this last long and you use more than one. Try putting the whole deck on.Lol
theRIAA7 years ago
you already posted this...
beyondimagination (author)  theRIAA7 years ago
Yeah, i know but i did something to the other one and i posted this cause the video was down.
you have the same video in both. The only difference is this one lacks written instructions.