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I got my laptop 2 years ago when I first got it it was blazing fast eventually it got to be slower than a snail then I discovered these tips that saved me from having to wipe my hard drive!!!

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Step 1: REMOVE

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Go to Set Program and Access and Defaults go to Change or Remove Programs take out unused freeware, toolbars, and things that are marked use rarely.

Step 2: CClearner

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CCleaner is amazing free ware that will get rid of temporary internet files and junk, and also fix all registry errors that alone will make your computer much faster!!!
Click here to download CCleaner


After run CCleaner goto Control Panel>Performance and Maintenance now click the option that starts with rearrange that will be disk defragmenter now click defragment.

Step 4: Done!

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Now you've got a computer that run as good as new=) Check out my website in progress
cpuhelp.weebly.com to check out more tips and trick.