Introduction: Make Your Computer Speak What You Type Using Notepad

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Here is one interesting code created by us to make your computer speak what you type.
We will use notepad to create it.

Let's Start.

Step 1: Create an Application

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Open your notepad. [start >> run >> Type "notepad" >> Enter]

Go to the following link and copy the code which is in green back ground color as shown in image.  
Now paste it it notepad.

Step 2: Save It

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Now Save it with .hta extension. here i am saving my file as MSG-Speaker.hta

Step 3: Run It

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ddogs196 (author)2014-03-05

hay anyone know any batch files i can use cause i might be hacking a website called infinite campus if any one would like to join me / help me out I would be vary happy :)

ps here is a link

sshah27 (author)2013-07-30


errorcode401 (author)sshah272013-11-19

Thanks sshah27 :)

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