Introduction: Make Your Cutting Board Safe

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Sliding cutting board can be so dangerous when you want to cut something on it!

Use this easy solution and take care of your fingers ;)

Step 1: Watch the Video! :)

WARNING: Always be carefull when using a knife. Use of video content is at own risk.

Step 2: Items Can Be Used for Sticking

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To make your cutting board sticky use one of these stuffs.

  1. kitchen cloath
  2. thin sponge
  3. paper towel

Put it on your kitchen table!

Step 3: Add Water

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To make them sticky just add some water on it!

Step 4: Start Cutting

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Just put back the cutting board on the top of the watered surface. Push it down and it will sticks to the table.

Now it's much safer to use!

Step 5: Works With Every Cutting Boards

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You can use this solution with hard or soft plastic cutting board as well!

Step 6: The End

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Don't forget to check the full video!

Safety first everybody!

That's the ShiftyWay!


jon_chalk (author)2015-07-08

I do this whenever I work in a kitchen (mine or when I volunteer). Very good safety tip.

LaysDIY (author)jon_chalk2015-07-13

thanks i do the same every time :)

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