Picture of Make your duct tape better.
Not possible? It is.
Read on.
Ok, so I love duct tape. Who doesn't? Anyway, I am always needing it and never having it. I mean, a roll of duct tape is impractical to carry around and since I don't have a car to stash it in I end up not carrying it at all.
How do I fix this, I thought to myself. then I remembered what a friend of mine used to do way back when I lived in Colorado. I could flatten it!
Like I said, this is not my original Idea but I didn't see it on Instructables so I thought I'd post it. this should only take you 10 minutes or so plus drying time.
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Step 1: What you need.

Picture of What you need.
What you'll need is:
1 roll of duct tape (it works better if you use a small roll or a half roll.),
A bowl of water,
And somewhere to let it dry.

Step 2: Soak it.

This step is super simple, I don't think you need a picture.
Put the tape in the water.
It's that easy.
Now, let it sit there for a few minutes so the cardboard gets soaked all the way through.

Step 3: Flatten it!

Now, this too is not that hard.
Flatten it.
Wow, that was easy.

Step 4: Just for fun

Picture of Just for fun
And just for kicks I put it in a vice and made it very flat.
Don't squish your fingers now...

Step 5: Use it!

Now you're done.
I keep this in my pocket and use it all the time.
Much easier to carry around now that it's flat. :-P
This was my first instructable, let me know what I can do to make a better one!
chilbert0076 years ago
You can always re-wrap duct tape around a smaller object like and ink pen or high lighter. The idea is you wrap just enough so that you have access to a little duct tape when you need it and you have an ink pen with a new grip. Just something to try. You just need something smaller to roll the duct tape onto. Give it a shot, could not really hurt and would probably beat carrying around a slab of duct tape for most people.
i think that the "always have duct tape in your pocket" 'ible is for you, chilbert007. (0_0)
Is there anything that duct tape WILL NOT stick to? (serious question, not a statement of duct tape's incredible adhesion)
glue and bread
It wont stick to sounds
I couldn't get it to stick to vinyl underwater very well, although it stuck to dry vinyl and other, wet, surfaces just fine.
FIXABLE138 years ago
it doesint stick to sand or dirt or dirty wood
Duct tape rocks! I like the idea and have never heard of it before. Pretty sweet. A problem I run into is when I keep a roll in my truck over the summer. It gets too hot and makes the stuff twice as sticky. It pretty much makes it a bear to unwrap and use effectively. There's probably nothing I can do about that, though.
keep it in a cooler? ;-)