Step 4: Adding switch control

Picture of Adding switch control
Now that we have the new wire connected to the pickups we have to decide what to do with it!  In my case, I decided to just put a switch to toggle single/dual coil modes.  I put the schematics on this step as well for convenience.  As you can see, once we have this new wire installed we can easily implement any of the options I've drawn here (except the last one which was a later idea.)  

If your not lucky enough to be replacing an existing POT with a push/pull POT, then you'll have to find a place to install your new switch or new POT.  You'll have to carefully drill the hole and put it in it's place.  I used a little slide toggle that needed a rectangular hole, so I cut it out with a dremel.  

If you're just adding a switch like I did, then all that's left to do is connect the new wire from the pickup to one side of the switch and a wire from the other side of the switch to ground.  My switch is a DPDT type so that I can connect both of my pickups this way.  I had considered 2 switches so that I could change them independently, but I was lacking the space inside the cavity of my guitar.  

That's it! I encourage you to explore some of the other options in the schematic drawings though.  There might even be a great idea that i missed!