Make Your Monitor Invisible (well Almost)





Introduction: Make Your Monitor Invisible (well Almost)

Create a desktop background to amuse and confuse your friends and co-workers using just a digital camera and a bit of fiddling.

Step 1: You Will Need...

A computer system, a digital camera and some local currency

Step 2: Remove Your Monitor

Remove your primary monitor and balance precariously in an unsuitable place.

Step 3: Take a Photo

Now photograph the view that a user of the computer would see if they looked through the monitor. (The local currency can be added at this point for side-splitting hilarity)
This step needs to be done very carefully for maximum effect, sitting on the chair usually used at the computer when taking the photo ensures the angles are correct.

Step 4: Manipulate the Image

Manipulate the colour, size and position of the image until it looks like the view through the monitor. A good program for this is the open-source program 'The Gimp'.
Now set the image as your desktop background, sit back and wait for the humour to happen.



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Questions & Answers


this is not invisible monitor its jst seems dat the monitor is see thru

omygosh!!! really!! (sarcastic face)

it would be cool to get a tiney camera and stream live video as your desktop becaus i have a dell inspiron and it is always moving through the house

you can the vlc media player can play video on the desktop It can also get video from any video camera that connects to the computer

the vlc media player can play video on the desktop

There is actually a different way to do this that gives -MUCH- better results. Set up the camera on a tripod, set it wherever you want the image to look best from, typically the place where the user of the computer sits. Remove the monitor, take a picture, put the monitor back, take a picture. Then using a photo program lock the two images together and stretch the picture with the monitor until all you see is whats 'on' the monitor. Then save just the 'background' picture which is now mostly cropped, put it as your desktop background, and take another (3rd) picture of the setup. If you do this and don't move the camera, you can create VERY realistic looking images. :)

Why not just lock the camera on the monitor, remove the monitor, and take a picture?

This reminds me of an old joke I used to pull in college. 1) Video tape 15 min or so of your empty bathroom. 2) Invite people over to watch a movie, sporting event, etc. 3) When 1 person goes into the bathroom, play the tape to the other people. 4) Tell everyone to start laughing when the person comes out of the bathroom. 5) When the victim returns, let them catch a few seconds of the empty bathroom on the TV while you fumble for the VCR remote.