Step 2: Get the Circuit boards

Picture of Get the Circuit boards
Note: If you used the files to get a board before 5:00PM PST August 5th 2010 the header holes are a little too small. You can use them, but you will need to sand or file the headers down a little. Alternatively you can make your own headers out of stiff wire, like the legs off through hole components. Sorry for the bad design upload.

You can now get a board with all the electronics from Rugged Circuits for $10.

If you want to have a circuit board made you have to DIY or send it to a "fab house." These services require design files in a compatible format. "Gerber" is a common format that the Eagle software I used outputs and just about every board manufacturing service accepts.

The Gerber files I used are attached to this step. You can also get the Eagle Files from GitHub and make your own Gerber (or whatever) files if you need to modify the design. You can send the Gerbers to a fab house like BatchPCB or www.sunstone.com. I have used both. BatchPCB will cost about $13 not including shipping for one board and it will arrive in about a month. So far they have always sent me 2 boards when I ordered one, but I have had one board (of the two) have problems. Sunstone's prototype service costs about twice as much and you will have boards in half the time. I quality of the Sunstone boards is good, but the silk screen isn't as clear as BatchPCB with the same Gerber files. The price at Sunstone is the same for one or two boards so go ahead and get two.

If you want, you can order boards from BatchPCB via files I have already uploaded here.

(For the adventuresome an Untested version using 0805 sized components. Big thanks to RugedCircuits.com for help. You will need different parts than the ones listed in the next step as well and the layout is a little different.)

If you want to modify the design and make your own Gerber files, Spark Fun has a good tutorial and job file.

You can upload Gerbers to BatchPCB and have their DRC bot check them for free, Sometimes the design rules in Eagle show problems that you can ignore, but the "DRC bot" there rarely has false alarms.

There is also great, free online Gerber viewer here: http://circuitpeople.com/

Have you tried iteadstudios? $9.90 for 10 boards. I just ordered 20 of a similar design, with additional grounds to make connecting things a little easier.
I also added a header to make connecting an ISP programmer easier once things are connected to the other pins.