Picture of Make your own Arkham Batman Cowl
Create your own batman costume using similar, if not the same steps as I myself use.

I've had a lot of batman fans ask if I can make them a "batcostume" of some form, my response is usually "make it yourself, I'll help", though for some people who are over seas from myself makes giving advice and instruction difficult.

In this Instructable you will learn the basic techniques to taking and batman, or batgirl cowl, and bringing it to real life for sculptures, and latex mask making.

Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
I know from experience that some materials are particularly difficult to come by in some parts of the world, so for that reason I have made this with generally pretty easy to find materials.

Tools - 

- Basic Sculpting tools - All together I only used 5 for this build as they are particularly user friendly.

- Heat gun - These can be brought at almost all hardware stores for as little as $12, take note though, if you are getting a cheap    
                       one, make sure it has a warrentee, this way if it breaks, you can just go swap it no hassle.

Box cutting knife - This knife I personally used for cutting up the sculpting material and taking large chunks of sculpture.

Cooking spray - This is used for smoothing out the sculpting material, it is great because it stops the material from gripping your
                       skin when you are doing major finishing touches.

Materials - 

- Plasticine or sculpting clay - I would personally recommend using plasticine, It does not shrink compared to most clays; It is a
                       very solid material until faced with heat or movement, And it doesnt need to be constently re hydrated for sculpts that
                       take long periods of time.

Plaster Of Paris - General plaster of paris can be brought for cheap in 20kg bags from most hardware stores for about $12,
                       definitively  worth it, I used a fine jib plaster which doesn't set very fast unfortunately, but I made do.

Polystyrene head - the closer to your head shape the better.

Duct Tape - Tis Good stuff

Solid Piece of wood - This is used for a sculpting base and is very important later on when It comes time to casting this out of

And Liquid Latex.
Evillian28 days ago
What kind of liquid latex did you use? Did you order it online?
For the casting, did you mean actually fill it up with liquid latex? Or just make another layer around the sides? Sorry for all the questions, I'm sure I'll have more though xD
Also, what was your process for building up your styrofoam head to match your head and neck area?
Gamefreak7116 months ago
It would be cool to make a novel cowl and costume
How would you put it on
frikydave1 year ago

how do you clean the imperfections of the latex and make the surface clean and smooth?

jaberman1 year ago

Do you have any finished clean pics?

CompuDoc1 year ago

Has anyone considered casting the face and top of the skull with a layer of latex, then a couple layers of fiberglass before another couple layers of latex to make a helmet/mask?

miroglu1 year ago
I'm hoping to use this method on making a solid mask; saw the Batman Arkham Origins trailer and fell in love with Deathstroke's armor. So is there any substitute you could recommend instead of liquid latex?
Asianblaze2 years ago
This is such an awesome project! I'd really like to make my own too, but I had some questions I wanted to ask about the final product... How do you put it on? Like, is the latex flexible enough to stretch and just put on over your head? Or will it wear out eventually... And how does it feel to wear it? is it hot, stuffy, hard to breath, etc. Thanks! And at any rate, this mask is so very cool man!!
0r7iz2 years ago
How much did it cost to make this sir?
KyleofAsgard (author)  0r7iz2 years ago
About 50 Bucks :D mate tore it though :(
randomdude22 years ago
can you wear it
what do you mean by well ventilated area because i worry about my health? :D
KyleofAsgard (author)  builderman123452 years ago
An open garage, back yard, anywhere thats not an enclosed space, same goes for spray paints, glues, fibreglassing, anything involving chemicals basically :D
mblazquez2 years ago
You didn't put liquid latex on the materials list.
I wanted to make something similair to this mask, and I was wondering how much litres of liquid latex you used.
KyleofAsgard (author)  MoustacheCat2 years ago
In total after spillage and mask, Id say about a litre :D
poofrabbit3 years ago
This is looking really wicked! Can't wait to see the rest!
I agree!!!! please post the rest of the pics! this is amazing!
KyleofAsgard (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago
Thankyou :D
wildman3653 years ago
Can't wait to see the finished product!
JayJunkie3 years ago