Having turned several wood and acrylic pens I was looking at other unique types of pens. I found that you could get pen blanks made from bullet cartridges. I ordered some from the US at a reasonable price ($2-$4) along with some rifle clips. Even freight wasn't too expensive. Made pens out of the blanks which look great. I also ordered a kit which had all the parts and included the cartridge with a projectile (bullet) as the pen nib. Unfortunately I wrecked the cartridge (don't ask) and lost $20.

This got me to wondering if I could make my own. I was talking to a friend, Bob, who has several rifles and uses reloaded bullets. I asked him where he buys the shells and projectiles and if they are expensive, he pointed me to a few gun shops. He also went one better and got me several different shells and projectiles through his mate, Fred, who reloads the bullets.

I have now worked out how to make the Cartridge blanks and the Bullet kits. Though the Bullet kits still have some kinks to be worked out.

So this 'ible is how to make the cartridge blanks. (the Bullet kits maybe later, or stay secret :)

In this 'ible I'll be using 308 cartridges as they are the easiest to modify. They are just the right length and have the right neck diameter to match the pen nib. You can use other cartridges but they must have a neck diameter to allow a 7mm tube to pass through.

Many thanks to Bob and Fred for providing the cartridges and projectiles for me to experiment with, and lots of information on bullet types and dimensions.

The soldering method is based on williamoyoungs method on youtube.

WARNING - This should only be done with new cartridges made for reloading or cartridges that have been fired (spent cartridges). DO NOT use an unfired bullet (live bullet). Trying to pull it apart may cause it to go off and KILL OR INJURE, you or someone else.

Please excuse some of the photos, it's very hard to juggle a camera and do some action shots by yourself.
Maybe I need an assistant .....
"Igor get the camera !"
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"Muahahaha soon I WILL RULE THE WORL......."

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Step 1: Bits and Pieces

Some 308 Cartridges - new for reloading or used, no projectile or powder, fired or no primer.
7mm pre-cut brass pen tubes or length of pen tubing

Drill press with vise
Drills Imperial and Metric
Bench vise
Slodering Iron - 40 Watts or more
Wood lathe
Pen mill
1/4" bolt, 3" long and 1/4" nut
Thick CA glue
Thin flux cored solder
Wet and Dry Sandpaper - various grades 400, 800, 1200
Micro Mesh pads - 1500 to 12000
Maguires Car Polish

Optional -
Centering Pen Vise
Pen turning mandrel
Metal lathe ?
Grinder with buffing/polishing wheels
Rubber mallet
Cutting oil
Deburing tool
<p>The bullet pen tip is the easiest part.</p><p>I take a 168 grain Sierra Match King BTHP and file off the bottom to expose the lead. Then I hold the bullet with a pair of needle nose and heat it with a torch until the lead melts out. Lastly you enlarge the hole in the hollow point by drilling from the inside with the appropriate size bit. </p><p>The pens I make unscrew from the opposite end so if you want a threaded tip you'll have to trim it down and solder a threaded piece on.</p>
NICE JOB! You might just teach Mrballeng a thing or two! Well done sir, well done indeed! <br>
I don't know about teaching Mrballeng anything.&nbsp; He did a great job converting a cheap click pen.&nbsp; I know what he means about the hours of working out how to do the conversion.<br> <br> Using a twist pen kit makes it a little easier. You can also get the refills easier as they are standard.<br> <br> I wish I had his metal lathe so I could drill accurate holes into the cartridges.

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