Make Your Own EL Wire at Home





Introduction: Make Your Own EL Wire at Home

I loved all the Instructables entered in the EL wire contest, but since I really like to explore the science and engineering behind such beautiful creations, I thought I'd share how I made my own electroluminescent wire at home. You may have already seen some of my other hacks, like how I made transistors in my home chip fab, but I promise this will be much easier, and require no special equipment. If there is enough interest, I'll follow up with a video on building your own EL wire power supply. 



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Yes I have decided to try this project by using the fluorescence of blown domestic tube light as thisisthe cheapest source for amateurs and hobbyists Iam 72years Young from India - Pune Consulting Engineer [ Reverse Engineering since 1969 } and geophysicist. I am doubtful how many Indian NextGen are active on this site.

You're very charming in the video, but I'll still look forward to the steps laid out in still shots and paragraphs. As far as probing for interest in building  power supplies, consider me rivited.
I cracked open some crts for the phosphors on the screen.  I think I might try spraying, dipping or rolling the wire with adhesives, and then sprinkling it with the phosophor powder.   Does anybody see problems that might make this a waste of time? Barring scoldings or warnings about the obvious dangers of broken glass and electricity)

My chemist friend told me the lead and/or phosphors in a CRT will cause liver damage and health problems. Does anyone know more about this?

Just wear goggles gloves a respirator and one of those suits made if plastic the hazmat team uses and you'll be fine but you'll have to get someone to hose the suit down first before you take it off

i know phosphor isnt the best for the body, nor is mercury.

Definitely interested in learning how to make my own EL wire that be great.

Is it possible to to this on an iron bar? Instead of wires.

I would expect the wire to have higher luminescence if you first coated the core with phosphor, let it dry, THEN wrapped the ground wire, thus placing the phosphor as part of the dielectric.