Make your own Edible Eyes

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Tired of paying top dollar for edible royal icing eyes to decorate your sweet treats with.

Here is a simple idea which uses extra royal icing left over from cookie decorating, or you can just whip up a batch from scratch.

These eyes are great for decorating cake pops, cookies and pie pops.

Ingredients and equipment
Royal Icing #
Black Food Color (I use Americolor Super Black)
Piping bags with small round tips eg #1 wilton
Tray lined with parchment paper

#If you do not have a favorite recipe for royal icing it can be purchased in powdered form from Craft and Hobby stores, Cake decorating stores and some supermarkets. You just add water and mix and voila royal icing.

If you are mixing up from scratch and not using up left over, only mix up around 1 cup. ! cup of royal icing will make a lot of edible eyes.
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Step 1:

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Color approximately 1/4 of your royal icing black with the food color.

Fill the piping bag with the white royal icing

Pipe on rows of little white dots around the size you might like the eyes to be.

You can make a variety of different sizes.

Allow the white dots to dry. Overnight is perfect, but at least for a couple of hours until set.

Step 2:

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Fill a new piping bag with the black royal icing.

Pipe smaller black dots on top of the white royal icing dots you have already piped.

Step 3:

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Let the eyes set until they easily come off the paper - you should be able to lift the paper and shake it and the eyes will move by themselves.

Store the eyes in an airtight container and use as required.

Eyes made with powdered pre-made royal icing or powdered egg whites can be kept for many months.


bgoldberg13 years ago
You can also make edible googly eyes:

The short short summary of the above link: use empty gelatin capsules from a health food store to create the clear dome, and oversized round sprinkles as the pupils.

BubbleandSweet (author)  bgoldberg13 years ago
Yes those googly eyes are all types of awesome. I have been meaning to check out and see if the health food stores near me carry those capsules. Thank so much for the link.
HollyHarken3 years ago
Where do you get your black food color?
BubbleandSweet (author)  HollyHarken3 years ago
Hi places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels in the US sell it. Also any online cake decorating shops. I like to use Americolor liquid for Black royal icing but you can also get Wilton gel pastes.
LOvely eyes if you want to freak out your grand children put a little oil in a fry pan
individually put in peas and burn slightly (do not turn) then put them on a dinner plate with a meal and tell them they are having frogs eyes for dinner, Fun one!
BubbleandSweet (author)  stephenfitton3 years ago
Haha you are so funny - that would be a bit freaky :)
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Holy criminy.
BubbleandSweet (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
Yes this is a great way to use up left over royal icing - I especially hate throwing away black royal icing for some reason so this is the perfect way to use it up.
sitearm3 years ago
@BubbleandSweet; edible eyes ick ewww.... um... can I try one? Cheers! ; ) Site
PS I sent this link to my cooking relatives
BubbleandSweet (author)  sitearm3 years ago
Thanks so much :)
Awesome! How fun!
Yes you can make lots of fun stuff with these :)
Yum, eyes! These are very cute. :)
BubbleandSweet (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago