Go Kart From Electric Scooter





Introduction: Go Kart From Electric Scooter

How to make your own go kart with a scooter and a dolly.

Step 1: Get Parts

You're gonna need:
An electric/motor-scooter (I used Razor E100)
A dolly (those things you see people hauling refrigerators and big boxes around with)
LOTS of Duck Tape (the thick silver kind)
Boxes and a cushion

Step 2: Attach Dolly

Now you need to somehow attach the dolly to the scooter. Mine had a little handle thingy at one end which was perfect for taping it on. Yes, Duck tape will hold very good. Now you can tape some boxes and a cushion of some sort for your butt and back (trust me, your butt will hurt if you don't put a cushion on.)

Step 3: Test It Out

Yay its done! That was easy, wasn't it? Take it for a test run and see if it works. It most likely will, unless your scooter is broken. If not, re duck tape it (if it falls off).



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    try something other that duck tape, and make a bike seat mount so it doesn't look like your sitting some boxes.

    Not to pop your bubble dude, but this idea is far from a good one, you don't have a reliable way to keep the dolly in place, the dolly itself is going to turn and be a pain, there is not a good way to steer this thing the way you actually want it to go. Just leave it a scooter man, that was a good phase 1 at the most, so just upgrade or leave a scooter. And duck tape is never a good idea for holding stuff like that

    Here's a pic.Good ible tried it out with my e300s.


    cute idea but seems a bit wasteful. like er0401 said, i can make a go cart pretty cheap. I currently have a off-road frame thats a bit rusty, but only cost me 20 bucks. i could get an engine for it for 50. 100 if i wanted say an 8 or a 10hp, but its sufficient anyway.

    honestly? wow all u who want to build this, dont! I am going to make a true go kart and it will probably cost a little more than this, or less. a dolly costs $40+ and a good scooter costs $100+. go to a re-store(or hardware store) and gets supplies.then salvage an old 6hp motor(or go to craigslist for one). build it, and your done

    Great Idea and very innovative.Hey the scooter has been extended and became very large.  I never tried this for my electric scooter. Am interested in this and will try to make my own scooter for moving to my school having a bag seater attached to it.

    Nice I like the idea its simple but have you ever picked up a screwdriver or a hammer because you could make it look a lot nicer than that pretty sweet besides that

    I am actually happy you took the time to draw a picture. Great instructable, but I am more of a bike person.