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Introduction: Make Your Own Gorilla Pod

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The title says it all. If your unfamiliar with gorilla pods, they are tripods made with bendable coolant hose also known as segmented hose. They cost $22 to $55 to buy, but you can make your own for only a few dollars worth of parts. Lets get started.

EDIT: Adding grip step is added!

Yay, this Instructable won first prize in the Photojojo Month contest. Thanks for everyone who voted for it and the judges!

Step 1: Materials

-Segmented hose sections. I used 21 sections total.
-three way segmented hose divider
-segmented hose to 2/5 inch hose adapter
-1/4 inch segmented hose nozzle
-1/4 inch bolt
-8•32 socket head bolt
-8•32 lock nut
-some 1/4 inch washers. preferable rubber
-hot glue or super glue
-Optional, but recommended-7 Lego tires. The ones I used said "30.4 x 14" on them.

Note:segmented hose is available here. Just search for "Coolant hose"

-Drill press or hand drill
-11/64 inch drill bit
-Hot glue gun

Step 2: Make the Divider and Attach the Legs

Get the three way segmented hose divider.
1. Drill a hole in the center as shown. Hole should be the diameter of the 8-32 bolt (about an 11/64 inch bit). Attach all the segmented hose segments into three equal sections. Then snap on the segments to the divider. See the pictures if you get confused.

Step 3: The Mount for the Camera Mount

We are going to put on the mount for the camera mount.
1. Put the 8-32 socket head bolt through the adapter as shown. Then put the bolt through the hole drilled in the three way splitter.
2. Screw the lock nut onto the end. Tighten enough to keep the adapter from spinning freely, but not so much as you can not turn the adapter.

Step 4: The Camera Mount

Here we will be making the part that attaches the camera to the tripod.
1. Put glue on the 1/4 inch bolt and quickly slide it into the nozzle as shown.
2. Make sure the bolt does not turn with glue
3. Add rubber washers to the end of the 1/4 inch bolt until about 3/8 of inch of the bolt are visible above the washers.

Step 5: Adding Grip

In this step we will add some grip to our Gorilla Pod. This step is optional, but recommended. I used some Lego tires. They will be secured with hot glue. Thanks to Duck Lemon for the idea to use Lego tires!
1. Put tires onto the legs, two on each leg.
2. Glue them in place with hot glue.
3. Cut one tire into three or four sections with wire cutters or scissors.
4. Glue one section onto the end of each leg.

Step 6: Finish

Just snap the camera mount onto its mount, and your finished! Enjoy your new Gorilla Pod you made for only a few dollars! Don't forget to vote for this in the Photojojo Contest! Thanks for looking!



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What is the diameter of the hose and how much weight can the stand hold up?

great idea - thanks for sharing it!    If i ever find some affordable LocLine, i will be trying it!

I think you may have needed the tripod to take the pictures of you making the tripod.

I know, right? Who sees the irony that there were blurry pics in an instructable of how to make a tripod?

Out of curiosity, how much did the project cost to make? The description just says "a few dollars" but can someone be a little more specific? Are we talking a $5 project, $20, or something on the order of $40?

I made it for free because i had all the parts around, but if everything needs to be bought, i'd say about $8 (excluding tools).

Wow that's pretty cheap! I think I might try it. I'll let you know how it turns out :-)