During my last day as an Artist in Residence at Instructables, I was determined to get some last minute use out of the awesome tools I had available before I had to say goodbye.  During my stay I loved having access to the Epilog laser cutter.  Having never used one before, I was able to pick up Inkscape quickly and get to do some fun projects.

This Instructable will show how I made Instructables robot keychains.  I made a few to give to my family members as gifts when I went back home.  Who wouldn't want everyone's favorite robot accompanying your keys!?

Step 1: Overview

This Instructable consists of four parts: 
  1. Tools/Materials
  2. Design - GIMP1
  3. Design - Inkscape2
  4. Cutting
  5. Clean and Assemble!
This Instructable operates on the assumption that you're familiar with working with the programs that are used, and is not a tutorial on how to use the programs, but talks about the functions used to do the editing required.  I've been able to pick up both the programs by playing around with them a little bit, so I have faith that you'll be able to do the same thing!

1.  GIMP stands for "GNU Image Manipulation Program".  The best open source photo editing and drawing program I am aware of.  If you don't already have it installed, you should get if for free here.
2.  Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics creator.  If you've heard of Adobe Illustrator, this is like a free version of that program.  I'm using it because it's free and available, but feel free to use your vector-graphics editor of choice.  Or you can get Inkscape for free here.
I have to admit I'm one that clicks and moves on. If I like it I ad it to favorites. I guess that's is better then nothing. One reason I don't comment is I browse with my phone and most of the time my phone app crashes when I comment. On a different note I lo es your work on this and want to make one. Big problem I don't have a lazer in graver so I'm wondering if I could make it by hand. Ether with my drill press or a wood burner. Great work. If I could get one I might mold it.
I can't blame you. I'm often one who clicks and moves on also.. But I appreciate you leaving a comment!<br><br>If I were to make this by hand, I'd use the cutting bits with my Dremel rotary tool to make the shape, and the engraving bits to etch the image into it.. Just for a thought : )
Are there engraving bits for Dremel rotary tools?
This is a really cool project :) I really like that you were able to use that orange acrylic. It sounds like the AiR opportunity was super fun, what with the amazing people and soooo many tools. <br> <br>I am the same way; I love getting comments on my Instructables. It makes me discouraged when I have over 500 views and no comments; I feel like people click on my Instructable, realize it's not what they thought, and just leave.
Thank you! I also loved the orange acrylic. It was just what was on the shelf, but it worked out perfectly. My AiR experience was pretty awesome. If you'd like to read more about it,&nbsp; there's my blog post here!<br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Fozzy13s-AiR-Experience/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/community/Fozzy13s-AiR-Experience/</a><br> <br> I often don't leave comments because it slips my mind when I'm done reading.. It's something I need to work on, but I appreciate you leaving one here!
I'm reading it right now. No problem, I love giving feedback :)

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