Picture of LMFAO Party Rock Shoes!
If you haven't seen the music video by now, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ6zr6kCPj8
Party Rock Anthem was a pretty good music video with an amazing song. In the video, you can see that most of em are wearing Party Rock shoes.

Now the LMFAO store has them for sale for over a hundred bucks for a pair. They're basically vans with Party Rock spelt out on it. If you want to buy a pair, (usually sold out) they're here: http://www.partyrockclothing.com/collections/accessories/products/party-rock-custom-shoes-white

If you're like me, you don't have that much money to spend on shoes or vans are uncomfortable for you, make one out of the shoes you already have for little to no money at all!

Let's get started.

Step 1: Party Rock is the House Tonight! (Materials)

Picture of Party Rock is the House Tonight! (Materials)
White casual shoes. (White works best, and for the shoe style, look at the pic of my shoes. Vans work too)
A couple pieces of cardstock
A sharp craft knife
A sharpie (black works best)
A printer
Scotch Tape
0.5 - 2 hours

Recommended but optional:
Thin pointed sharpie

If you mess up:
Rubbing alcohol
Thin tipped paintbrush
1-2 hours
Frustration management

Got those things? Let's move on.

wolf1013 years ago
I just bought a pair of vans and printed out the design and this guys did it amazingly! for me for a cheap price look how they turned out!
PR 1.jpgPR 2.jpgPR 3.jpgPR 4.jpg
Meden88 wolf1012 years ago
How did you do the design around the bottom of the shoe?
who did it for u
Austin243 years ago
ssalazar53 years ago
the reason the ones at their store cost so much is because they are spelled out in swarvoski crystals not sharpied in. Just saying
Well having words spelled out in crystals (that will easily fall out) on a pair of shoes is kind of a dumb ass concept in general. If you buy a pair of Airwalks and do the sharpie design on them, and they get ruined in the rain, you just wasted $15. If you buy the Vans with the crystals in them and the crystals fall out and get ruined, you've just wasted $120. I'm pretty sure I'd prefer the cheaper version lol.
hey dudes if you really want them crystal effect use sequin patches or glue on shiny beads... (also found at walmart) plus the more masculine version of the shoes dont need "crystals"
rdagdag3 years ago
anybody ever tried using fabric paint?
it helps hold it on but you have to touch it up often
jessie.tay63 years ago
i used iron-on patches and just cut them to the shape of the letters so much easier and washable
party rock shoes.jpg
How Much that Shoes ?
$6 clearance walmart shoes:)
omg in the united states
what you mean??
Can i use anything markers
nri3 years ago
well for me im using dgi cutter plotter then i mark using high quality makers as u can look at my facebook



Best idea ever for LMFAO...i post a pic of my shoes in a bit. I stenciled them with a pencil first then outline with a very thin medium point black permanent marker then fill the inside
Nirshukrun3 years ago
What if you get them wet? what will happen? answer please ASAP
Cbryce13 years ago
Lol. Just don't get them wet. Purple shoes waiting to happen.
bkeefe3 years ago
i love you.
dtuncaral3 years ago
man god bless you !! i did it with your help !! thanks :)
oreyna3 years ago
its hardx to kut the party rock letters
mcastillo c4 years ago
Siento decirlo pero estas no son las de la cancion de Party Rock osea que no timeis a nadie ehh