Step 1: Materials List

Picture of Materials List
1 Scotch # 7974 Bubble Mailer Size 4 (9.5in x 13.5in)
I bought a 6 pack at Target for around $5.00.
Spray Adhesive (Krylon 7010 was used by me but others may work)
Elmer's Contact Cement
4 Sqft of automotive/uphostery vinyl in a color matching the envelope (@ 10.00/yd enough for 4-5 envelopes)
Cutting Knife (better a upholstery knife/carton knife than a Xacto)
Heavy books (enough to cover full surface area of envelope with considerable overlap
2 Red buttons
1 ft Red waxed cotton cord ( purchased 12 ft at michaels for .99)
Thread (the heavier the better)
1 Heavy gauge needle (thick enough to punch through but thin enough to fit through the holes in the buttons with 4-5 threads inside)