Introduction: Make Your Own Nerf Darts. AKA: Stefans.

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we are goin to be making homemade nerfdarts called "Stefans" they will out preform ANY stock nerf dart.

they are simple and easy to make, I made 200 in 45 minuets.

I aslo sell modded nerf guns and homemade nerf darts on ebay. if you are interested, I can set up a auction for you at a set price. So, if you have any modded guns that you would like to buy, or just want some darts, send me a message and ill see what i can do.

Step 1: Gather the Stuff.

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To make your own black darts of foamy death, you will need:

1. Foam backer rod. I use the 1/2 inch size. (the black stuff in the pic. its very cheap.)
2. BB's (or other weights, fishing weights work too.)
3. Hot glue and hotglue gun.
4. Pillow case
5. Hair dryer

got it all? ok! good, lets go to the next step.

Step 2: Cut Your Darts,

Picture of Cut Your Darts,

Cut your foam backer rod into 1.5 inch lengths. I have tested them at all different lengths, I seem to like 1.5 inchs the best.

They will usually have a slight curve to them.

place your "blank" darts into the pillow case... insert the hair dryer into in pillow case and turn it on. the hot air will strighten the darts and get rid of any curves that would affect their acuraccy.

With the hair dryer on, and in the bag, shake the bag for about 1-2 minuets. Then let the blanks cool for a minuet or so.

okay, your ready to weight them! to the next step!

Step 3: Weight Your Darts.

Picture of Weight Your Darts.

Take your blank darts, and either hold one, or put it into some kinda stand.
Then, using the hot tip of the hotglue gun, make a small hold in teh top of the dart, this will be where the weight goes. dont add any glue yet,

now, drop a single bb' into the hole you just made, and put hot glue over it to hold it in place.

wait for it to cool and BAM! you have a amazingly awsome homemade nerf dart!

*repeat this step 99 more times*

Step 4: Go Nerf

Picture of Go Nerf

Now, take your newly made foam of destruction, put it into a nerf gun, and go shoot your brother......errrrr a target

The first pic below is the 100 that i made.... the 3rd pic is the welt they leave.

have fun and be safe! ALWAYS where eye protection when using these darts, they can seriously hurt you. (note the welt in the third pic.)


MosesP6 (author)2017-11-30

it’s so cool and helps a lot (saves money too)

DatOneModder (author)2016-12-02

Question, Does the Stryfe have to be modded to accept the Steffans?

you would need a longer pusher to shove the shorter darts into the flywheels

MichaelB1064 (author)2017-01-20

How much do I need for a 1000 stefans

JasonMyers (author)2009-09-05

God! Can I get some of the foam at Menards, Farm & Fleet, or Wal Mart?

BoogieG (author)JasonMyers2016-05-29

I know walmart home depot and lowes sell it

basher345 (author)JasonMyers2010-11-24

Walmart may have some.

what's Menards and Farm & Fleet?

ilees (author)basher3452011-10-02


weegee13xd (author)2012-01-19

Those look EPIC. Could you possibly sell me some?

BoogieG (author)weegee13xd2016-05-29

Its $3.50 at home depot and lowes for 20 feet of foam backer rod

james4 (author)2010-10-25

can u just use a broken nerf dart instead of the other stuff? plz reply

BoogieG (author)james42016-05-29

You can use the foam part but 20feet of foam backer rod costs $3.50 at home depot and lowes

LiftAndLove (author)james42013-02-18

Yeah you can. Gotta cut the crap off though.

chubby8 (author)james42010-12-05

yeah, i think so

superjoe12 (author)2009-07-17

wait is the backer rod hollow cuz if it isnt it wont work in most guns

BoogieG (author)superjoe122016-05-29

Yes it is

Thundertydus (author)superjoe122009-07-21

No the backer rod is not hollow, and its not supposed to work in stock nerf guns, these will only workin in modded nerf guns without the air restrictors

16kuokhc1 (author)Thundertydus2012-06-25

The instructions was clear, you hollow out the dart. OR HOW WOULD U PUT THE BB INSIDE???

chuckysnow (author)16kuokhc12014-11-05

you only need to hollow out enough at one end to place a bb in there. It would actually be really hard to hollow out the foam.

Put hot glue in first then the BB then the hot glue

hollow out the foam stuff

AbigailS (author)2014-12-26

It would be probably be cheaper and easier to just go to Walmart and buy some!

BoogieG (author)AbigailS2016-05-29

No, i did the math and making your own darts cost about 2 cents per dart and buying darts at walmartcosts 33 cents pet dart so yeah make your own darts

Master_Squid (author)AbigailS2015-03-22

Friends don't let friends buy from walwart... Buy from nice local people or shops!

Actually it wouldn't. A pack of 20 nerf darts costs 30 dollars. Also nerf darts are inaccurate due to the hole in the side of the tip which makes them curve when they are shot from the blaster. Steafan darts on the other hand are cheaper because a bag of half inch backer rod costs 3 bucks a thing of 200 bb's cost about 5 you can make more darts for cheaper. But the best alternative is "koosh" darts. They come in packs of 200 for 20 bucks shipped. If you look on youtube at coop772's review of koosh darts he clearly states they are better. if you want to buy some look up koosh darts on ebay.

Achully Koosh darts are a lot less accurate then stefan darts but they ARE cheaper

Nerfg (author)2016-04-27

hi im a new modder and a want a good tutorial on how to make Stephans but cant afford it so i was wondering if i could have some for free of what the prices are Nerf gaming15

LordL2 (author)2016-04-04

Is there some other way to make a tip, so that the impact isn't as bad as prut darts?

AbigailS made it! (author)2014-12-26


ThomasM6 (author)2014-08-24

Where do I buy the foam backer rod???????

chuckysnow (author)ThomasM62014-11-05

I just bought some at Lowes. Go to the area where they sell insulation for doors and windows. They sell both square and round, and in different dimensions, so make sure you get round 1/2 inch. It costs around 3 bucks for like 20 feet of foam.

ThomasM6 (author)chuckysnow2014-11-08

I bought it at the home depot.

jwhite9911 (author)2012-03-08

hi how much would it cost for a fully modded nerf mavieck and 50 darts

Purple_Matter (author)jwhite99112014-10-04

Your post is old, but if you still want it, what do you mean by fully modded? Send me a message if you still care.

DaxMan212 (author)2014-07-05

My darts stick to each other, how do i fix that?

patbking (author)2014-05-29

Do u mind if I borrow this instructuble I will give you credit

trigger happy1 (author)2013-07-03

The process leaves a black secretion on my gun. Any ways to get it off?

General Eggs (author)2011-01-29

do these darts work in longshot clips?

LiftAndLove (author)General Eggs2013-02-17

If you make them the right length yeah. But if you want a shorter Stefan than you have to mod your mag. I saw the mod on Nerf Haven

General Eggs (author)LiftAndLove2013-02-18

Yeah, I discovered that a while ago :P thanks

LiftAndLove (author)2013-02-17

I'm sorry, but your gun isn't the brightest looking crayon in the box. You should paint the other stuff on your gun, and maybe use an enamel or a better paint cuz it looks weird. Just how some parts are faded and others aren't. Just saying, but I like the instrucatable!

ilovehalo (author)2011-01-08

i got nerf stampede and it sucks more than i thought it would i mean it shoots ten feet-50 feet but my fridns say it hurts a little and i want it to hurt them i wish they had a anoption it zap the dart with lighting i the gun before it shoots so when i hits they get tazed

twister60 (author)ilovehalo2012-09-13

I see what You Mean. That'd be awesome!

Pwag (author)ilovehalo2011-12-30


seanthesheep101 (author)2012-08-14


6mm Standard Airsoft BBs.
They're incredibly Cheap.

Ojsmudge (author)2012-06-07

would this stuff work for the backer rod ?

ilpug (author)2010-12-05

so, then DONT poke a hole down the length of the dart like the stock darts, right?

stefanslayer (author)ilpug2012-03-26

old post but... yeah :P

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