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  Are you tired of plugging in your 3DS XL to charge it? You can never figure out how that plug goes in and when you finally do your wrists are cramped! OWWWWW! Stop doing it the hard way and read this Instructable to help you create your very own 3DS XL dock!
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  Nintendo makes a dock for the 3DS XL priced at $19.99. The downside is it can only be purchased from their online store. Honestly it's not a bad deal. However the dock for the original 3DS can be found inexpensively at many local game stores and it's compatible with your XL, with some modifications.

  If your up for the task, listed below are some skill sets, materials and tools you will need to complete this modification. I basically already had everything needed for this project except for the dock itself. My total cost was $1.99, your's may vary.

Skills required
slight amount of wood working
ability to operate power tools

Original dock for 3DS
Plexiglass aka Acrylic sheet 
Super Glue or Epoxy or Acetone (for bonding acrylic together)
Cardboard ( I used a frozen dinner box )
Scrap 1x2" lumber or MDF at least 1/2 thick. 

Dremel with cutting wheel
Jig Saw with wood blades
Sanding paper with sanding block or flat piece of wood/MDF (220 grit sand paper)
Acrylic cutting knife tool
Ruler and Right angle ruler
Ultra Fine Sharpie - Black
Clear tape

Step 1: Trimming Your Original 3DS Dock

In this step you are going to trim your original 3DS dock.

Trimming the dock
  Before you start trimming your dock I suggest you put on some safety glasses. Leave all the shooting of the eyes to Fox McCloud and Andross.

  Now go to your designated cutting area and trim the lips off of the dock. Be mindful to not cut in too deep! Using a blue blur or screw attack bit....er dremel, will make easy work of those smackers. After you have cut the lipped pieces off you want to try to sand the rough area down as much as possible. If you have a dremel you can use the flat edge of your cutting wheel to sand it pretty flat. Finish with a 220 grit sand paper. Pretty smooth sanding there Fox!

I think it's cool, but why make a charging dock from a charging dock?
<p>size, he turned charging dock from a 3ds to fit a 3ds XL which is bigger.</p>
why isn't this featured?
Man, this would have been awesome about a month ago! Still crazy clever, and awesome you shared.

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