My husband and I have been looking for a compact, sleek console for our entryway on and off for months. We live in a small apartment (900 sq ft) and needed something that would add interest, not bulk, but we couldn't find anything that would fit our space and price point.

And then it hit me: we can make one! We love DIY projects and what i love most about this one is that you can customize it to your space. Our tabletop is long and narrow, but you can adjust the dimensions to suit your style. To get an idea of standard console dimensions, we checked out the options at places like West Elm, CB2 and IKEA. One rule of thumb, most consoles are 30-31" in height.

Now, here is the real stunner: assuming you own or can borrow the tools listed below, the total cost of materials is $34.

This doesn't include the cost of materials to finish the wood, but there are inexpensive finishing options, so stay tuned for part two of this DIY for ideas!

A quick note: We decided to add "braces" for structural support and i actually like the look a bit better. for a more traditional parsons table, you can leave the braces off, but any bowing or arching in the lumber will cause the legs to taper and you might find that a brace evens things out.


- 8'x12" (cut into 48x12" for tabletop)
- 2 lengths of 2x2"x6' (cut into 4 pieces for legs, each 30" in length)
- 8 flathead #8 gauge 3" wood screws

- electric drill
- 1/8" drill bit
- level
- pencil
- sandpaper
- hand saw (if adding braces)

Step 1:

Write "TOP" in pencil on one side of tabletop.

With the "TOP" side up, place one of the legs on one of the corners. Use level to ensure edges of leg are flush with edge of tabletop.

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