Make Your Own Roll-Up Keyboard





Introduction: Make Your Own Roll-Up Keyboard

Have you ever wanted one of those pricy roll up keyboard but didn't want to spend the money? Here is a quick and dirty way to make your own.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

For this project you will need:

1 USB Keyboard
1 Screw driver with interchangable bits
Handful of small project sized nuts and bolts

Step 2: Deconstruction

Using the screwdriver deconstruct the keyboard.

Step 3: More Deconstruction:

Remove the keyboard's membrane switch pad and control board. The membrane consists of 3 separate layers tacked together.

Step 4: Assembly:

Using the rubber pad, plate and nuts & bolts, reassemble the membrane to the control board. Make sure that the traces of the membrane line up with the traces on the control board. If your keyboard had a socket and ribbon cable just reinsert the cable and you ready to label the keys.

Step 5: Complete:

After the long process of labeling the keys you are now ready to use your roll up flexible keyboard. Using a text editor check to make sure all your keys function. HINT: to save time label only the keys you use most, or learn to touch type :)



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    Anyone know if this coul dbe done with a laptop keyboard? not USB/PSP (has ribbon cable) OK, my question is more of "are there any adapters that exist?

    It is a PS/2 keyboard. But do not try to make a rollerup keyboard out of it. IT WILL FAIL.

    can this be done with a ps/2 keyboard???
    actually i thought about this some time ago.. searched it on the net but could not find this..

    YES YOU CAN! I looked it up and found a schematic! However, its quite complicated.... The 6 pins on the ps/2 each have different purposes as you may know. 4 of them are exactly like the usb. So basically, this is the usb ====.
    under the first "=" that is connector/line 4. the second = is 3 and so on. on the ps/2, the plastic should be on the top. the whole entire left side is going to be used.the very top one is going to 3 on usb, the middle to 4, and the bottom to 1. on the right side, the middle is going to 2. The final connects(soldering) is gonna be fun XD GOod luck!

    Yap it also works.
    It's not about the Plug. It's just about the membrane.
    PS/2 and USB are the same (most of the time)


    Does anyone know if a dogy keyboard short circuits whether It will ruin a laptop/computer or not?

    I won't save it, keyboards cost like $15 these days, and a used one might be even less...

    what if you put a thin platic or silicone coating on this?

    Cool! Now I have to get around to making my metal keyboard...

    metal keyboard?? man get it done! thats the kinda thing we wanna see.