Make Your Own Sanding Mop





Introduction: Make Your Own Sanding Mop

I made this sanding mop for my drillpress and it works great !

You can use it for sanding small projects and to made sharp edges smooth.

Hope you injoy it

Step 1: What You Need:

1. Abrasive cloth or old beltsander belts

2. Piece of 6 mm plywood

3. Clamps

4. Nuts and Bolts and washers M12

5. Scrollsaw / jigsaw

6. Masking tape

Step 2: For the Total Instruction Watch the Video



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    An excellent project I have to say. I am getting ready to put one of these on my drill press, and I may make one for my bench grinder. Thanks for the great idea.

    I finally made a mop of your design to help me remove old finish from an old child's rocker I am restoring for my granddaughter. I initially used 120 grit. After reviewing your video, I'm going to make a 2nd one using 80 grit. Great addition to shop. Thanx.

    Really good and it lets you make one for whatever grit you like.

    Great Idea shall have to give this a go

    got to save this idea for the wood/workshop hacks

    The ideal nut and bolt for this situation really needs to be a left handed thread. Otherwise you will find that with the rotation of the drill it works itself loose.

    I used a lock nuts to prevent that

    Good idea but even lock nuts will loosen over time due to the vibrations but it would help some.

    I have my first sanding mop for many years... and never had the problem of a loosning nut.... Or use some CA glue to lock the nuts. And use a heatgun to loose them again.