Oye! I was given a challenge from an Instructable Master. Grammers asked me not to buy her a gift but make a gift for Hanukkah. She suggested I make a collage for her. I took it the next step further. She loves the game scrabble, reading, completing projects with her friends at the TechShop, hard-woods, communicating in clever ways and local art. I searched the internet for anything to make. I came up with a few ideas but a scrabble magnet board that she could hang in the kitchen seemed most appropriate. 

I recruited my friend Julie to help me out and together we created this gift. It was a massive undertaking for a person like me. A usual handy person would be able to complete this project in a few hours, a few less materials and a few less steps. The photos show the journey.

Difficulty: Moderate.  

Step 1: Supplies

A few things I used are: six random books, glue, wood, sheet metal, more glue, mod podge, magnets, three scrabble sets, patience and dumb luck.

The biggest struggle for me was finding the right supplies and finding the right set of buses to get me to Lowe's. At Lowe's I thankfully found a butch-looking-gal. She was the best blessing that came my way. She walked me to the aisles I needed and helped me decide on a few of the items like a big chunk of wood I did not need to have cut.  I continued to bug the staff until I found the right size sheet metal to match the piece of wood. I have used tin shears before to cut into metal. The result was an uneven and sharp-edged nightmare so I wanted to find a pre-cut piece. Thank goodness for friends because my gal Julie picked me up at the store. 

Trial and error eliminated the need for some of the supplies. For example the crystal clear enamel made the paper look nasty. The Gorilla glue made the paper stick but it created clusters of tiny bubbles over random spots of the paper. The elmer's glue might have been great but I ran out of it. I should have simply used mod podge for all the paper. Grammers liked the effect of the paper having different dimensions to it but frankly that was not my intention. 
Maybe try using coffee or tea to make the paper look aged.
Oh how cute! I love this idea. :D

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