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Introduction: Make Your Own Shaped Bracelets

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I'm sure most of you have seen those silly bands around.  You know, those colorful, rubber bracelets that are shaped like things.  I'm not usually one to follow fads like this, but I have really wanted one shaped like California.  I'm from California, but I go to school in Massachusetts and I miss my home state a lot.
Both my room mate and I got sugru for the contest, but hers arrived first and she promptly fixed everything in the room and I was at a loss as to what to do with mine.  Until I thought of trying to make my own California-shaped bands!

Step 1: Materials

Gather Materials
For this project, you will need:
-one sheet of transparency (I think that's what it's called, you can get it at office supply stores) (make sure it's really clean)
-piece of paper with the outlines of the shapes you want to make
-sugru (I found one of the small packets was enough to make 3 bracelets)

Step 2: Prepare Sugru

Put the transparency on top of the piece of paper with the designs you want to make.  Taping it in place would be helpful at this point, but I didn't do that.
Follow the instructions on the packet for preparing and working with sugru.  It will stick to everything! Make sure your hands are super clean to minimize sticking.
After working with the sugru for about 30 seconds, roll it into a long snake shape about 1/8 inch thick.

Step 3: Shape the Band

Start making the shape by sticking one end of the sugru shape down to a point around the outline of your shape on the transparency.  The sugru will peel off the transparency later when it's cured completely.  Follow the shape around, pressing the sugru down as you go.  Make sure the ends are securely connected.

In the first picture, you can see that the paper has shifted under the transparency  which can make it difficult to make a good shape.  This is why I should have taped it down.

Let it cure for at least a few hours!

Step 4: Peel It Off

Let it cure for at least a few hours, and don't put any heavy wear on it for at least 24 hours.  Peel it carefully off of the transparency.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Silly Band!

Enjoy your custom made shaped bracelet!

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    I didn't really know that you could actually wad up paper so hard that you could punch holes in drywall at times. Geez. Kids these days. Tsk.

    I never knew about sugru. I paid a handsome amount for an ebook years ago for another method of silly bandz. I believe it had to do with silicone caulk.

    My sister and I love these bracelets now I could make one myself. Too bad my school banned them :(

    12 replies

    If a teacher sees a student with one they cut it up with scissors and throw it away

    Because kids would shoot little pieces of paper with the bracelet, but kids hide it under their sweater sleves

    That's one reason why I hate my school

    I know it really sucks

    You should start a silly band resistance movement, and just buy an eff-ton of rubberbands for super cheap, and use them to do the same thing.

    Used to do that in school all the time, in fact, more than a few times I was able to tightly wad the paper up so that it became a very rigid and dangerous projectile, capable of punching holes in various things (including drywall in some instances)

    another tip: Paperclips!! (if you bend them into the right shape you can also puncture people, so be careful)

    sorry i spelled school wrong

    I've always wanted to get a few, but my mom tells me not to waste me money. :(
    They are in around my area, all the stores are practically sold out! :D

    You know something? If you got enough Sugru, you could make your own custom bands to sell at your local flea market and you'd probably get enough dough! If you said 1 packet made 3 silly bands.... and they cost about $18.... you'd have approximately double if they sell $1 each! :D Of course, this is a rough idea.

    P.s. GREAT California shape! It isn't messy at all, other done homemade band projects I have seen so far were a complete mess! XD

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    I have to admit, I made three at first and the first one was a bit of a mess. But the great thing about sugru is that you can just squish it up if you don't wait too long, and try it again!

    My school banned them, too!
    (I'm, um, 56 and a 5th grade teacher.)
    I pretend I don't see them.
    Some kids wear 50 at a time, so I have to try REALLY hard not to see them!
    PS: This is a terrific instructable! I can't wait to show my students!

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    Both of my parents are teachers as well, though they teach at alternative schools which I don't think have banned silly bands yet.
    I just think it's a really weird thing to ban. I mean, they are basically rubber bands, which most schools have readily available for projects and stuff.
    I'm glad you like my instructable!

    Found an old pack of sugru in mah garage.made.dude,you should get a new brain..........................................................................................................................................,and donate the one that came up wit this !!!!AWESOME!!!! idea.5*.