Make your own Snowflake Tag for Christmas presents!

Picture of Make your own Snowflake Tag for Christmas presents!
intro2 - snowflake card.bmp
This is a very simple drawing on illustrator that you can personalize for your christmas presents this year, and fit it uniquely for each and every person on your list. I'll just show you the basics, and then you can use your creativity and mix it around all you like!  Hope you enjoy it!  =)
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Step 1: Your first couple lines

Picture of Your first couple lines
Alright, so now we're going to make just a couple lines to start the snowflake's pattern.

1)  Open up Illustrator (I'm using CS3, in case yours is slightly different in the location of instructions)

2) Use the line segment tool (left side bar) and just create two or 3 lines. If you want a more interesting pattern, create maybe 2 lines longer and 1 line shorter.

3) Join them at the center so that the ends touch.

Step 2: Drawing your pattern

Picture of Drawing your pattern
Use the Paintbrush Tool (left side bar) to draw any sort of pattern / drawing / random squiggles that you want. *Only on one side of the lines though.*

Step 3: Reflecting your pattern

Picture of Reflecting your pattern
1) Object - Transform - Reflect - Vertical

Select your pattern for one of the lines, copy and paste, and then reflect the copy. Position it opposite your original pattern, so that it makes a full pattern for one of your lines.

2) Repeat step 1 for your other lines.

Step 4: Making your whole snowflake

Picture of Making your whole snowflake
Copy and paste everything that you have now (2-3 lines of patterns) and, using the reflect tool from the last step, keep copying and reflecting and positioning until you have a full snowflake. I did it about 4-5 times, and then filled in some empty spaces with one of the little lines. If your lines don't fit perfectly, you can take some bigger lines out and replace them with a few smaller lines that you make.
wanamoka5 years ago
Cool, wish I'd seen this one before Christmas, but hey its still a great idea.  What would be interesting is printing them on cardstock and then using glue and a bit of glitter to jazz it up even more.

Thanks for the "ible"