Introduction: Make Your Own Special Ops Recon Wrap

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This is an easy way to make a recon wrap used in the military. Can be worn in many different configurations. They sell for roughly 20 dollars but why buy what you can easily make.

Step 1: Materials List

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gonna need an old t-shirt, any color and the longer the better. (make sure it's a "breathable" material)
Sewing machine

Step 2: Measure and Sew

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Make sure the t-shirt is inside out. You want to make a tube a couple of inches bigger than the diameter of your head so it won't cut off your circulation. So do the measurements and mark accordingly. Pin the t-shirt at the bottom so it won't come apart and begin sewing along your lines. Doesn't have to be perfect, it's just a sweat rag.

Step 3: Cut the Excess

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cut off the outside portions (sleeves) leaving your seam intact. Also cut the neck area of the t-shirt as shown, roll it down to create an even edge and tack it in place. T-shirt should still be inside out.

Step 4: Sew Along Edge Creating a Seam

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sew around the neck line fold you created. Careful, don't sew both sides together, your essentially making a tube. When your done cut the excess of the inside edge.

Step 5: Now Go Into the Desert My Friend

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Many different ways to wear these depending on the situation. My favorite is the headwrap configuration for wicking the sweat away. Keep a few in your camping and ditty bags. They can be used as an emergency sling also.


Rich_Limburger (author)2013-05-06

Gr8 instructable, every guy accumulates to many old t-shirts in his life. At least now we can make some manly stuff out of them :-D

curious youth (author)2012-07-29

this is cool. you should make an ible on how to wrap it all the different ways in that picture/illustration :) would be much appreciated

ilpug (author)2012-05-16

I like it!

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