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This Instructable will show the basics of Scratch, a simple and easy to use design program, and how to make a Super Mario game using it.

Scratch is one of the best programs for beginner designers and I am sorry for all the people who use more advanced programs than Scratch, but this instructable is for everyone and anyone.

The thing that most people don't understand about games is that it takes loads of time to create one. If you refer back to one of the first Mario games, and look at one level, it could take you between one and three days to design something that works as well as that IF you can program decently. For this reason I have created a one level Super Mario game which has almost all the 'rules' of how to make your game work.

During this instructable I will be referring to certain things and will just call them by either abbreviations or by other names entirely. As to not confuse you I have created a list of what I call what:

Rules: The things on the left side that you can pull onto sprites script
(go to) Paint: When you go to costumes of a sprite and click edit, it will bring up the Paint page
S(x): Sprite number x
g+w colour: the colour in Paint that is the bottom right colour, the one with 4 blocks in it.
josh_lep7772 years ago
I have a few questions about your great game:
1. Why do you have up to 16 costumes and what are they of?
2. Is the border a sprite or a costume for mario?
3. What do you mean by 5 sets of flooring?
4. Could you send me your scratch project so i can take a better look at the scripting to understand it better?

Thank you so much for your help and i would appreciate it if you replied to me. My username is josh_lep777

i second this comment + the download isn't a .sb file and what sound do you use?

bradley12342 years ago
maddi_boi (author) 4 years ago
Thanks very much!
jazzinmarch4 years ago
Amazing! Never heard of it, can't wait to try it! I have a 9 year old who is going to be so incredibly thrilled to make his own characters.
I never would have heard about it unless you had created this page - thank you!!