Make Your Own VGA Cord of CAT5 Cable!





Introduction: Make Your Own VGA Cord of CAT5 Cable!

As most of you know, getting a descent length of VGA monitor cable is a costly thing. With this instructable I'll show you how to make a 15m long VGA cable, out of plain ol' CAT5 network cable.

Step 1: Strip You Filthy Cable You! Strip!

To make life a bit easier, strip of about an inch of the CAT5 outer insulation. And behold: 8 precious wires in pretty colors. Make sure you strip about 2/3 mm of the inner wire insulation. Try using an wire stripper. I use my teeth, because Macgyver does it too. Don't make it to long as it could shortcut when fiddling all the wires in the VGA connector.

Step 2: Soldering Is Fun!

Well the next thing to do is solder the wires to the VGA connectors you bought. The best connectors are male ones. But my local radioshack didn't have em, so he sold me the female ones with an male-male adapter. As long as it works i say! The connector have got the pin numbers on the solderside, and with the help of a scheme i stole from i can solder the right wires to it. Note that im not using an RJ45 connector as shown on the illustration, thats not necessary in my application (very awsome home cinema set).
Just solder the shown colors to the right pins. Good luck with the bridge for pins 5, 10 and 8, naah it's not really that hard =)

Step 3: Decoration!

I bought some VGA connector housings, it really tidies up the lot. After that i popped on the adapters, but if you bought the good connectors you don't have to, of course. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other side of the cable. You're awesome!

Step 4: Check If It Works!

Connect the cable to the computer and to the beamer. Make sure your graphic card settings are correct and presto! VGA over a CAT 5 cable! I have no idea how long this cable could be. i made one that was 15m long and it worked perfectly @ 1024x768, so hallaluja! Enjoy!

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Thanks for posting this. I've made two cables, one is 10 meter long and another is 25 meter for duplicating my monitors display in TVs in two different rooms, and both are working fine. I've used a vga splitter also.

Thanks for sharing that one.

I tried it and it worked. It's a lot of fun


Thanks for sharing that one.

I tried it and it worked. It's a lot of fun


I did this, followed everything step by step. I have an issue now and not sure how to fix it. The cable is about 4.2m long and when I plugged it into the TV, the resolution is unsupported. Okay, so I plugged it into a monitor, same thing. What could case this? I used cat 6, not cat 5 if that is the issue. I can redo the whole thing. I would not have thought that to be an issue unless there is a difference. If there is any help, that would be great.

Hi Jon

Sorry, i am not using my other account anymore. Regarding your question, im not sure what the issue can be, i do know there is a data line that carries the resolution information: pin 12.

Maybe this helps you. It is possible your monitor needs this pin to function, maybe try a different screen?

Thank you. I will see about running another wire to that. I did start the computer up normally with a traditional monitor, and set it to the lowest resolution, then plugged it into the TV. After that, I up'ed the resolution to max from there. Also, after 4 cores, I was able to get a little bit of a clear image, but still seems to have 4 echos. Its not noticeable from about 15ft away, but I have problems with details. I complained about seeing the screen divider in a movie theater... I will give another go at it, ill run it outside the casing. If it does make it better, Ill see about getting a new cable made with 10 or 12 lines. Thanks for the feedback.

also make sure your screen resolution is 1024x768

I tried to use CAT5 cable to connect it on a projector using this converters/adaptors but the output display is yellowish. can you tell me what might be the problem in this case? TIA.


try to change the straight or cross cable...mybe it will help u